The Way Home MOD APK (Menu, Onehit/Bonus) 2.4.3

Updated on 28/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameThe Way Home APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Onehit/Bonus
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
The Way Home MOD APK Infomation

V1 Menu [ Enable Before Expedition ]

  • -> Level 1 Enemies
  • -> Enemies Always Drop Loot
  • -> Instant Kill Enemies (All Enemies Die When You Load In)
  • -> Material Pick Up Bonus (Adds 5000)
  • -> Materials -> 0 – Default , 1 – One Shot Kill , 2 – Broken


  • Free crafting (materials are not used when crafting, and you can also craft things if you don’t have enough materials);
  • After starting the game, click the round button in the upper left to open the mod menu with the ability to activate immortality and increase the damage dealt by 10 times.

V3: Lots of wood, ore

Do you want to experience the feeling of being lost in a strange place? The Way Home will show you that. The fear will begin when you are surrounded by dangerous things lurking. You have to do everything yourself to preserve your life against something threatening you. Find positive ways not to become passive and weak. Dangerous enemies can come whenever you are not paying attention. Fighting hard will be the only option that gives us strength. Start your survival life on the deserted island today.

Simple games with pixel graphics have long been no stranger to us. However, with the development of technology, their gameplay has also improved significantly. No more opacity, but quick and smooth movements instead. That is what you will see in The Way Home. An attractive survival-style game is not inferior to other genres. You will be free to adventure in a vast fantasy world. Freedom to do what you want to develop yourself.

The Way Home mod

Download The Way Home mod – Survive and find your way back home

Two of our friends named Kevin and Cheese encounter a significant incident that causes them to get lost. When I woke up, I was on a deserted island full of dangers. Your task is to help the two of them survive through difficult situations. Help these people find their way back to their beloved homes. Along the way, you will have to collect items around you to use. Craft or acquire weapons to defend yourself against enemies. From attacking to moving, all it takes is to use the right button. This is intended to simplify operations and make access easier. Discover the mysteries that exist on this deserted island.

The Way Home mod free

Random map

The map you move on is a vast place, and many things can be interacted with. This map will be randomly generated based on intelligent algorithms. This means that it is impossible to know what is ther when you move to a new homee. Items also drop randomly along the way for you to pick up. You can go to the desert, steppe, jungle or explore anywhere you want. Each location brings new things and great difficulties. Conquer all new lands to get attractive rewards. From there, you can find an easier way to go home with your efforts.

Collect and build

After participating in dungeon conquests, you will get many items for yourself. With these items, you can build new buildings from houses, windmills, farms, tents, and some other valuable things. The required materials will mainly be stone, wood, and a few other elements. Work hard to collect rocks and harvest wood in the forest to hoard for yourself. The more new projects you have, the easier the job will be. From there, you can create your food and resources automatically. When the space is no longer enough, you can cut down trees to expand your territory.

The Way Home mod apk

Upgrade skills

When fighting, skills have a significant role in surprising you. New skill points will be obtained after you reach the next level. We need to kill monsters in the forest to get the most experience. There will be three different options based on the weapon you use. Each skill gives an advantage, and it is a skill that will automatically be used. The higher the level, the greater the damage and efficiency. When you shoot your arrows at the enemy, they will be quickly destroyed. From there, they can easily fight against the most dangerous monsters. The higher the level, the stronger you become later on.

The Way Home mod android

Confront the boss

Don’t forget there will be bosses waiting for you in the deep dungeons when you survive. When you are close to completing the quest, you will encounter them. There are many different types of bosses with unique fighting abilities and powers. They can release deadly beams of energy at you. Create massive sources of damage that quickly destroy everything if you are not careful. But of course, after the bosses fall, there will be many valuable rewards falling out. Download The Way Home mod to your device and start your journey right away.

Download The Way Home MOD APK (Menu, Onehit/Bonus) for Android

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cannot unlock next lv because it has adds to unlock for free and ads is not loading, can you fix it?

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