Gadvia MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked All Song)

Updated 28/10/2023 (1 month ago)
NameGadvia APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlocked All Song
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Gadvia

Gadvia MOD APK takes you to a mythical world with many mysteries. You will experience storylines based on myths when one joins the fantasy world. It was the first world to discover a new form of energy from unique crystals. Since then, humanity has developed rapidly in technology and headed to the universe to explore. But the humans overuse the crystal energy that awakened the gods. They were the primordial gods of the world and were enraged by human actions. The gods destroyed the world in anger, and a new age arose.

You will come with a girl to the earth and start the journey to learn about this place. And from the remains, you know that this world once flourished. But that growth is tied to the blue crystal’s energy, which goes too far. The gods awoke and used their ancient powers to engulf the world. Advanced technology has been destroyed, and the world has reverted to the lowest level of civilization. And your mission in this world is to find resources to bring back to the deep sea reserve. Explore the world with the girl in the deep sea and begin a journey to gather resources.

Gadvia apk

Download Gadvia MOD APK – Explore the human world after being destroyed and find valuable resources

Humans, in the process of development, have discovered unique energy stones. Thanks to it, this world has made significant progress in technology and science. They even carry out missions to explore the vast universe and deep oceans. But by using too much crystal energy, humans awakened the gods. They resented and destroyed everything, including the hard-working human civilization. And now you play as a girl who will set foot on the ground and search for resources. Explore missions on land traversing islands and rescuing undersea sanctuaries.

Gadvia mod apk

Explore the islands

You will play as the girl Limnoreia heading towards the mainland and starting her journey. It travels through different islands to collect valuable resources under the sea. It was her hometown, but the deep sea reserve soon ran out of resources. And when from the deep sea to the surface, you seem to find hope in a new environment. But you don’t know that everything here is left in ruins after being destroyed by the gods. So you will create your resources by hunting and farming in every area. Bring the melodies of ocean music and start your journey of discovery in Gadvia MOD APK.

Gadvia free

Journey to find resources

The gods destroyed the human world because of the excessive use of crystal energy. But for a deep-sea girl like Limnoreia, this place is a land worth exploring. All lands are left with only traces, but many islands are still out there. And you will participate in events to collect as many resources as possible. Hunting quests will keep popping up while you explore the islands. This is also your chance to approach and hunt legendary creatures worldwide. Find the world’s resources and bring them back with Limnoreia to save the deep sea reserve.

Gadvia android

Build mining areas

You represent the vast deep sea that reaches the earth’s surface in search of resources. The reason is that the deep sea reserve is too old and needs a significant energy source. You set foot on the ground and will begin the journey to exploit new resources. It would be best if you created areas to create the necessary resources. Especially in the exploitation process, you will enjoy the sea melodies with her. And the journey of discovery will also become more exciting when you are immersed in music. Build a mining area on the ground to generate resources for your reserve.

Gadvia mod

The survivors of the world only have to rebuild everything after the disaster. They still needed to believe in the gods and seemed to have found hope in a girl. She will build everything above the ground and begin the journey to create resources. And you will go with her to many islands and collect rare materials. Besides, you can also hunt to maintain your source of life while exploring. Deep sea songs will motivate you to rebuild everything on Earth. Download Gadvia MOD APK to help a girl of deep-sea origin save the undersea sanctuary.

How to Download & Install Gadvia MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked All Song) for Android


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