Tap Dungeon: RPG Idle Clicker MOD APK 0.5.2308.3 (Menu, Unlimited money/Attack multiplier)

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NameTap Dungeon: RPG Idle Clicker APK
PublisherHako Idle Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/Attack multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Menu
2. Attack Multiplier
3. Unlimited Gem ( See instructions below )
4. No Ads ( See instructions below )

1. The first time you open up the game, you will see Gem is 0, and there are Ads for booster
2. Just restart the game
3. Profit

Monsters have occupied the dungeon, and you must rescue them in Tap Dungeon: RPG Idle Clicker. You will fight with weapons summoned from warriors to defeat bosses. You and the heroes will lead thrilling adventures to join the dungeon. Your heroes possess unique skills, and that makes it easier for you to win. You can also level the battle with them by upgrading to help the heroes. Explore the dungeon world and the monsters that inhabit the depths of each level. Run your team of heroes and sweep every creature in the dungeon, and peace will soon return here.

You are a hero in the game where enemy armies have invaded the dungeons. They turn this place into a place of death and make people afraid because of their existence. A team of heroes needs to be gathered under your sword and start the dungeon adventure. The chance to train your team of heroes is yours and keep your spirits up when facing anyone. Discover resources in dungeons that the enemy has no way of using, like you. Epic battles with hordes of monsters will give you a chance to get stronger from combat. Build an army with heroes who follow the blade of the ultimate dungeon-destroying master.

Tap Dungeon RPG Idle Clicker android

Download Tap Dungeon: RPG Idle Clicker mod – Fight and regain peace for the dungeon

Each dungeon is now where monsters reside and are ready to attack everyone. Your aim to appear also with those heroes is to destroy all the monsters. Use your hard work to enter the dungeons and steadfastly confront fearsome enemies. Please find a way for your heroes so they can constantly fight in the dungeon. Deal damage to each enemy individually by tapping the screen until defeat. Get rewarded when your hero destroys the jail covered with monsters inside. Strengthen your squad with the effect of magic potions to fight constantly.

Tap Dungeon RPG Idle Clicker free

Team of brave heroes

You will play as a sword master with the power of the last sword in your hand. The blade is what helps you bravely go inside each dungeon to confront the enemy. They are monsters that appear and want to use their cruel power to destroy everything. To combat this, you need to use your sword and summon a team of heroes. The blade will be the guide for all heroes to come and join your squad. They can be brave regardless of fearsome monsters or monster bosses in front of them. Lead the team of heroes and lead them all to destroy every monster that appears in it.

Tap Dungeon RPG Idle Clicker apk

Hero team strength

In the journey to explore the dungeon, you need to get stronger before confronting those bosses. The gold coins you kill each monster will enhance the hero’s ability. You will also customize the hero’s equipment to fight together in the dungeon. You can increase the strength of your team by unlocking more brave heroes. The magical world also strengthens you thanks to the magic potions supporting combat. The increased fighting ability of the hero will help you conquer monsters more easily. Power up your sword of justice from the heroes and rescue dungeons team.

Tap Dungeon RPG Idle Clicker mod apk

Monsters in the dungeon

Your journey begins with an adventure from the dungeon doors of the dark monster dungeons. They appear and force you to attack them if you want to be safe and keep moving. Those monsters are just a test of the strength of the hero team you just formed. Not long after you defeat them, the true boss of the dungeon will appear with great power. Your heroes must connect their abilities if they don’t want to be dominated. Unity will strengthen the heroes’ ultimate sword of justice. Use it, blow away all the monsters in the dungeon, and return it to where it belongs.

Tap Dungeon RPG Idle Clicker mod

The sword of game justice will be in your knight’s hands and show the way forward. That path leads to the monsters that lie deep in the dungeon and turns the place into evil. Use your sword and command the hero together to go up and break the monster door. The strength of the hero team increases as the number of heroes on your team increases. Get upgrades from the monster bonuses you get from fighting monsters. Energize the group of heroes with special magic potions in this world. Download Tap Dungeon: RPG Idle Clicker mod and fight for the goal of wiping out the monsters that occupy the dungeon with a team of heroes.

Download Tap Dungeon: RPG Idle Clicker MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/Attack multiplier) for Android

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