TerraGenesis MOD APK 6.35 (Menu/Unlimited money, unlocked)

Updated on 27/01/2023 (5 days ago)
NameTerraGenesis APK
PublisherTilting Point
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money, unlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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MOD Infomation
  • V1: Unlimited Money
  • V2: Mod Menu/Unlimited Money, Unlocked

Have you ever imagined yourself going across the universe, gazing at the sky full of moon and stars? TerraGenesis will help you do that. You live and exploit resources on the planet, explore all terrains. You will be conquered planets on Earth, set foot on deserted planets. TerraGenesis simple gameplay is suitable for all players, allowing players to experience new things in the vast universe. Fly through the air to see how everything around the Earth changes. All will give you a wonderful experience on the way to the universe with the stars.

TerraGenesis travels with you around the Earth, to new lands on planets. You absolutely can apply science and technology to create life on the planet. You will be an astronaut, master the Earth, nurture and protect your own Earth. Players choose their own planet to create miracles. Do everything on the planet that your everyday life ever wanted. TerraGenesis will accompany you to conquer all paths in the universe. In addition, you can also try some other simulation games such as World Truck Driving Simulator, The Arcana.

TerraGenesis mod

Download TerraGenesis mod – Conquer the universe

TerraGenesis is a free game for players to build fictional planets. You can protect the planets and nourish them. Create a living environment in which people appear, manage resources. Not only that, you can travel all over the Earth, discovering things that you have not seen in real life. Join TerraGenesis on missions, research and develop new strategies on the planet.

TerraGenesis mod apk

Choose your own planet

When you first start playing, TerraGenesis will guide you to choose the planet you want. There are four planets to choose from including Mars, Venus, Moon and Ragnarok. You have complete freedom to master the planet you want, build and destroy threats on that planet. Mars will be an easy choice for beginners if you like the challenge can choose one of the remaining planets. Explore and find out what it’s like to solve those problems on your own planet. Wander the planet to find the secrets that need to be discovered.


The gameplay is quite simple, consisting of three main parts: construction, exploitation and research. On the planet, you need to consider things like water, oxygen, viability, pressure, temperature and biomass. You have to make sure those things are stable for people to live and survive. After choosing a planet, you must focus on building and protecting wholeheartedly. Exploiting the planetary terrain, if you ignore the planet itself, it will be destroyed and killed the human habitat. Once you have exploited the terrain, the next thing is to research new science and technology. That research will help you to utilize the exploitation of natural resources.

TerraGenesis mod download

Explore the planet

TerraGenesis allows you to explore many things on the planet, travel through time on historic Earth such as Vaalbara, Rodinia … Experience distant planets, creating a habitat for people and all things. You will be the one to find a place to survive for all species. All planets are waiting for you to discover, build miracles. Thaw the ice to create the ocean to give life to people. The journey of discovery can be difficult, you should try to conquer to exploit all the planets. Creates a world with favourable conditions with just the right amount of surface or elevation.

Building ecosystems on the planet

TerraGenesis also has a diverse ecosystem for you to explore with a multitude of resources. Many species of trees, reptiles, carnivores … with humans. Build a comprehensive ecosystem, full of living creatures. It is you who decide their survival, as long as you remove one organism, other species can also be destroyed. Try to exploit the appropriate resources to create a full habitat for all things. Each planet you discover is the birthplace of life for all species.

TerraGenesis mod android

TerraGenesis – a simulation game for you to experience the planets of the universe, creating a habitat for creatures. TerraGenesis will help you become an astronaut, flying into the vast air. Entertaining game but for you like to live an authentic life there. Defend your planet from threats, build defense strategies from planetary threats. Download the TerraGenesis mod to conquer your own universe!

Download TerraGenesis MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, unlocked) for Android

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