Idle Beast Hunter MOD APK (Menu/Damage Multiplier/Dumb Enemy) 1.420

Updated 25/05/2024 (5 days ago)
NameIdle Beast Hunter APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage Multiplier/Dumb Enemy
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Idle Beast Hunter

Idle Beast Hunter MOD APK (Menu/Damage Multiplier/Dumb Enemy) hunts monsters with you, taking players to invaded lands to regain sovereignty. Fierce battles happen quickly, you need to be fully equipped before entering the enemy’s playground. They have a big plot to conquer territory, so they have a solid defense. Standing behind that protective cloak is the infamous boss of the hellish cellar that they temporarily govern. The world is being invaded more and more complicated; the universe is turned upside down. Players come here to destroy all monster forces, bringing glory and peace.

You are one of the hunters knowledgeable enough to realize the level of danger this world is enduring. There is no other solution but to resort to violence. Wars are formed instantly without having to wait for a profound reason. You take over the battles and protect yourself from danger. Even though the universe only has a glimmer of hope for survival, players will fight with all their might. With such a fierce spirit, you will succeed. You go to reclaim justice for your own territory, reestablishing the empire.

Idle Beast Hunter android

Download Idle Beast Hunter mod apk – Finding peace in the world

The monsters that Idle Beast Hunter created have surrounded the caves, you are in their sights. The damage in each match surprises players, partly due to the impact of the speed of play. Opponents continuously attack, fire guns, and use swords to destroy opponents. The player in front of you should just dodge to preserve their lives, don’t let yourself lose too much blood. You will restore yourself when you have enough ability, keeping your spirit throughout the match. The line between friend and enemy is skinny, both sides have special counterattacks.

Idle Beast Hunter mod apk

Additional companions

Idle Beast Hunter APK sets up multiplayer mode, you can recruit teammates to increase the appeal. They are also brave warriors, ready to participate in war. You and other players work together to form a powerful army. When you have enough strength, players are more confident in each battle. The benefit of playing as a team is having someone to support you. Each hero has different special skills, combined to defeat all enemies. Player versions are continuously updated for players to transform freely.

Idle Beast Hunter apk

Combine weapons and energy

Every hero is equipped with the previous basic skill by Idle Beast Hunter APK mod. Players need to have their own strategies to fully develop their abilities. Heroes have additional weapons, specialized long swords with high-damage properties. The player combines the energy of a wolf or buffalo. Special powers are optimally used in the same match, especially when facing bosses. The enemy is also trying to resist, but the health on both sides is gradually decreasing.

Idle Beast Hunter mod

Unlock the cave

In the caves there are hidden secrets and valuable loot for you to discover. Wander there, but you need to be careful if you don’t want to be suddenly attacked. Darkness covers this place, each level is a different challenge. Idle Beast Hunter APK 1.420 build separate empires, the deeper you go inside, the more clearly you see the potential of hidden enemies. The caves are designed in many styles, and trophies are displayed along the way. Accumulate trophies after each battle to upgrade heroes every day.

Idle Beast Hunter apk free

The battle becomes more intense when facing the boss directly. Increasing the upgrade factor for your warriors and collecting more weapons is the smartest strategy right now. You are under pressure from the enemy as their numbers increase rapidly. In addition, the pressure on the rankings also makes you have to speed up. The hero’s survival index is highly appreciated because it directly affects your life. Participate more in challenges and face many types of enemies to gain more experience. Idle Beast Hunter MOD APK is a place for you to show the iron spirit of a warrior in the journey to find peace in the universe.

Mod features of Idle Beast Hunter

  • Damage Multiplier

Enemies and heroes resolve issues of peace through highly lethal combat. The amount of health on each side is at a certain level, if it runs out it will definitely fail. Players try to maintain and exchange loot for their own lives.

  • Dumb Enemy

Players can completely handle enemies with their own strategies. You use particular types of energy to restrain monsters from moving. Taking that opportunity, you attack so strongly that the opponent cannot resist. Victory is right before your eyes, move forward without fear of anything.

How to Download & Install Idle Beast Hunter MOD APK (Menu/Damage Multiplier/Dumb Enemy) for Android


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