Monster Farm MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.11

Updated on 28/12/2022 (3 months ago)
NameMonster Farm APK
Publisherforanj - farm day games & paradise township hotels
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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When the Halloween season comes everyone will dress up as weird monsters. These monsters have formations that look very intimidating. They are imagined for the purpose of frightening children and forming legends. Although teeth are not real, they are very worthy creatures for us to learn. If you are also a fan of horror like that, then try playing Monster Farm. A game is full of monsters working on your farm.

The subject is the frightening monsters in western legends. Bring the theme of the annual Halloween festival held in these countries. Monster Farm game is a worthwhile option for those who love horror. With cute graphics close to all ages and popular management gameplay on the phone market. You will be free to manage a farm with all monsters. Satisfy your passion for horror and scary things. Provides you with an extremely entertaining and comfortable experience after hours of stress. Requires an effective wealth management skill for players.

Monster Farm mod mod free

Download Monster Farm mod – Become a monster manager

Coming to Monster Farm you will be assigned to the job of managing a farm full of horror monsters. Your task is to arrange for them to do the basic work. Building your farm is becoming more and more developed. You can control the game with just basic touch swipes. You will be guided meticulously by the system on how to play and the features. After a while, you will be able to get used to the game very quickly. Let’s build your farm into an ever-expanding scale. Effectively manage monsters so they can work their hardest and make you a lot of profits from their development.

Monster Farm mod mod android

Many scary monsters

There are many types of scary monsters in Monster Farm for you to choose from. Despite being frightening, they are very gentle and friendly with everyone. They work for you, so leave what is necessary for them and manage them. There are typical monsters like vampires, Frankenstein, zombies or witches. Each monster will take on and take charge of a different job in the farm. For example, the witch will check on your crops’ harvest progress. Frankenstein will clean up all the dirt and make sure everything is shiny. Use them most effectively to make your farm-rich.

Monster Farm mod download

Exotic plants

In your special farm at Monster Farm, it’s not just the staff that are monsters. The plants you plant themselves also have many strange shapes. These unusual plants can be mentioned as candies, zombies, biscuits,… You can plant all these plants, wait for them to grow fast, and then reap profits by harvesting. Harvesting them will give you a plentiful and continuous income. Not only that, but they can also create dishes from the products they create. Remember to take good care of them to ensure their growth. Expand your farm so you can grow more trees and you will reap more.

Monster Farm mod mod apk free

Create products

From harvesting exotic plants, you not only get money but also ingredients. You can give ingredients to those who need them in exchange for money or for cooking. The ingredients harvested can create a multitude of delicious dishes. All of these dishes have specific recipes, just relying on them to be processed. Create amazing dishes from candies, cakes and other ingredients. These dishes can be sold to the lands in need. From trading and exchanging this dish will also help you reap huge profits. Collaborate with major partners and expand your business model.

Monster Farm mod mod apk

Organize epic parties

Not only is the business normal and boring in Monster Farm, but you can also organize a party. Organize a great party with lots of interesting things. Attract nearby guests to get in and get active. The guests will be children, monsters, and aliens. Dress them in amazingly beautiful outfits that will make them stand out at the party. All the monsters will make your farm the most famous in the area. Download now Monster Farm mod to own yourself a farm full of monsters. Make the farm the most famous and attractive place.

Download Monster Farm MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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