Symbiote Rush MOD APK (Unlocked characters) 0.23.2

Updated on 02/06/2023 (2 days ago)
NameSymbiote Rush APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked characters
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Start your journey to become a cruel monster and destroy all in the game Symbiote Rush. You have become a weak man carrying the parasites of a monster. It failed in its fight against the heroes and had to be broken into pieces. They all contain a portion of the monster’s power and can temporarily exist. But part of it has entered your body and made you stronger. Although you know this is not a good thing, this power is something you have longed for. So you continue collecting the missing parts and become the strongest monster.

A monster that has disintegrated after defeating the heroes of your world. However, they could escape the heroes’ pursuit and enter the body. You only hold a fraction of the monster’s power, making you healthy. Even though you know your power is cruel, you can’t resist the urge to be strong. You have finally entered the journey to collect the disintegrating forces of evil monsters. Even if you become the monster, you don’t care anymore. Discover the dark power of becoming a monster and destroying everything with your hands.

Symbiote Rush mod

Download Symbiote Rush mod – Conquer the power of symbiotic monsters

After a defeat in combat, the object that a monster chooses as symbiosis is you. Born a flawed person, you can’t become healthy like everyone else. So you become weak in everything and can’t do anything too much. However, the feeling of gaining strength comes when a monster chooses you symbiotically. You can sense it being destructive, but you won’t care. You desire to become stronger and ready to oppose the human world. Collect more cruel symbionts and turn them into your inner strength.

Symbiote Rush apk

Symbiotic body

You decide to go down the path of cruelty when you receive your power back from a symbiotic monster. They allow you to gain more power, but one part of your body will be dominated. The cruelty of those creatures affects your ability to control your emotions. And your quest for dark powers begins as you keep moving forward. On this path, symbiotic creatures escaped the monster’s body. Your task is to gather all the energy into a complete individual. Then you will become a cruel nightmare and fight with the most powerful hero.

Symbiote Rush free

Cruel journey

Your journey started when you got the dark power from the symbiotic creature. They give you great power, but you are also mind affected. And you have continuously challenged challenging levels to collect more monster shards. They are scattered worldwide, and you must overcome all difficulties to find them. The soldiers will step out to stop you, so killing them all is necessary. You have set foot on a cruel journey, so there will be no other way but to move on. Collect monster shards to make them symbiotic and give you destructive power.

Symbiote Rush android

Against humans

The heroes of the human race have known of your presence as they take on the monster’s power. But they are confident they have enough energy to suppress you because they have defeated monsters before. So you must collect more monster fragments from confronting the humans. On the journey to collect details, you must destroy the soldiers that prevent it. And then, when you reach the cruelest power, the human hero will appear. The time to confront the heroes is when you show control of a symbiotic monster. Go further on the brutal journey and collect as many monster shards as possible to become powerful.

Symbiote Rush mod apk

All the shards of a cruel monster have been scattered everywhere, and you are unfortunately caught. It has parasitized your person but makes your power abundant. However, its influence on the mind is not minor; now, you must live with it. You are required to go on a crime journey and start collecting symbiotic monsters. The more shards the monster contains, the more your cruelty will increase. And this puts the world at risk so that you will have many purges. Download Symbiote Rush mod to move forward and perfect the power of a symbiotic monster.

Download Symbiote Rush MOD APK (Unlocked characters) for Android

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