Will Hero MOD APK (Unlimited money) 3.3.7

Updated 02/02/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameWill Hero APK
PublisherZPLAY Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Will Hero

Will Hero with battles in aerial islands, you will play the role of a hero. There are many bad guys everywhere, your mission needs to destroy them. The princess is being held captive by the enemy, but coming and saving her is a long way ahead. They are arranged in every position on the way, by pushing them down the cliff or using weapons you can destroy the enemy. The floating islands in the game Will Hero also create difficulty while moving. Players are easy to fall off a cliff and lose their lives. The adventure must start again from the starting line. No one can be sure that the princess is not harmed by them. Please hurry up.

Will Hero has a way of controlling the character without the need for players to manipulate much. I like that, it makes it easy for everyone to play the hero character to carry out the mission. Just click on the screen to move and attack. When meeting an enemy the attack will take place automatically. Jumping to higher positions is an advantage if the chances of falling into the abyss are reduced.

Will Hero mod

Download Will Hero MOD – Destroy the enemies, rescue the princess

Will Hero has many threats that make it easy to lose your life. In addition to the enemy, falling off a cliff, the collision with the propeller also sacrifices the hero. You cannot let the enemy press you because that’s how they take your life. Although stationary enemies do not move to another position, the dense density is also a challenge for the player. If you stop at the right moment the enemy is standing above your head, it’s a dangerous situation. You don’t always have the right to continue an adventure in a lost location. From moving to attacking an opponent you have to be very careful. It’s a pity if you are close to rescuing the princess and you have to go back and start the quest again.

Princess rescue adventure

The princess is in trouble, you are the one who will help her return to the palace. Maybe the king will give you a certain position, or even a prince if you make the princess fall in love. The journey to where the princess was captured by them was not too long. But players face many challenges that aren’t just enemies. Losing your life from your unattended movement is even more likely than if you were attacked by an enemy. Collect weapons like swords, hammers, and darts that will help attack enemies from a distance more safely.

Will Hero mod download

Choose your character

Helmets are what Will Hero calls all characters. Before each adventure, you can choose from different types of Helmets for free. There are quite a few options in Will Hero. Dark Knight, Paladin, Templar, Santa, Prince, Romantik, each Helmets has its own colour and shape. Although Pixel graphics do not create pit characters, it is very suitable in the gameplay of Will Hero.

Upgrading tower

Tower helps the character’s starting position higher, now each version of Will Hero will level up the tower. The higher you go, the easier it is to reach the safer islands and avoid the spinning propellers, which is a very difficult challenge to go through.

Collect chests

Chests are items that you will often encounter on the road, weapons or money are usually items that you get when opening a chest. Will Hero has 4 spaces for chests, if you do not want to open immediately you can leave until that amount is enough. If there is no space left you will not be able to collect more chests, be aware of this.

Will Hero mod apk

Will Hero adventures destroy evil enemies that are causing trouble for the princess. Role-playing the hero will have many things you need to overcome to bring the princess back to the king. Download Will Hero MOD APK to pass all dangerous islands and do your mission.

How to Download & Install Will Hero MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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