Sword Clicker MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamond) 1.2.10

Updated 27/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameSword Clicker APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Diamond
SupportAndroid 5.0 +
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Introduce MOD APK Sword Clicker

Sword farming is a new and strange concept, but you will understand it right at Sword Clicker MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamond). Clicking a few times can cultivate a special sword. Gather the gold coins to be able to increase the sword’s power. The more powerful, the higher the ability to defeat those who stand in the way. Giant monsters will come with exceptional items waiting. Collect more real money fast in the unique play category. Various types of extraordinary weapons are locked. The extraordinary slash modes are handy for difficult matches later. You can give up when you feel the battle is too difficult or you are unprepared and despise the enemy.

The game is made for everyone, so ploughing is recommended. There will be iron grinding work, so the needle is a sentence that is entirely true to the nature of the game. Fight hard, forge your sword, and you will see excellent results. But in the age of modern technology, that seems a bit old-fashioned. Everyone has their job and can’t spend hours playing games. Therefore, the automatic mode will solve your problem. It will help you lie down and relax and watch the machine work. Using skills, fighting monsters, and all things artificial intelligence know, like the palm of your hand, will be very easy.

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Download Sword Clicker APK mod – Test the ability of the swords

You are a person with an endless passion for swords. Regardless of the material, you can imagine using it as a sword. With ambition since childhood, you have participated in countless blacksmithing classes. Feeling it’s not enough, all the artefact classes are passed by you. Every place you go to, you study hard and achieve excellent results. Once you’ve gained enough experience, you start creating something you’ve been passionate about since childhood. All materials such as wood, iron, steel or, more significantly, are used by you. But you are highly dedicated, so you have put your products into a virtual arena where you will test the quality of the sword.

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Lightning damage according to product quality

Every weapon has a high-speed slashing ability to test its durability. Because each product made is a masterpiece, the time must be calculated in seconds. Every second, the sword will cut once. The speed will be maintained continuously until the end of the game. Swords with higher levels will be able to deal more damage. Or the more noble the swordsmithing quality, the more damage it deals. This is the sword’s most basic ability to hone its endurance before being delivered into the hands of the greatest warriors and into fierce battlefields, where they must both defend and attack. Attack the enemies.

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Special Abilities

Swords, when slashing, will be damaged to a certain extent. This is very normal because every sword is honed. Stronger rods can repair themselves faster. But speeding up the repair speed will make each item’s fight smoother. The fast attack will help you reduce attack time and increase attack speed significantly. For times when carrying multiple swords at the same time, try the double slash mode. It will help two swords hit at the same time dealing double damage. Every skill takes a while to cool down. Use a reasonable way to win and flip the bet.

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Different obstacles by mode

They are the things the swords will have to contend with. The simplest will be wooden mannequins with a straightforward structure. They will be almost incapable of fighting back and will be opening for what follows. The flowering plants that carry the souls of the seasons will attack with the forces of nature and the elements. They’re still pretty easy to get through and don’t pose too much of a hindrance. The monsters in purgatory will be an absolute nightmare for you. Although each individual is not so prominent, they are incredibly numerous. Finally, there are mighty bosses with a tremendous amount of resistance.

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Collect and grow

You will receive the corresponding gold coins every time you kill a monster. This type of resource is used to increase the characteristics of the weapon. In addition, it is also instrumental in opening the seals that hold new weapons. Purple stones will be more difficult to find because of their quantity and scarcity. Each resource type is essential and will be highly lacking when one of the two is not enough; combine the resources properly at Sword Clicker APK 1.2.10.

How to Download & Install Sword Clicker MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamond) for Android


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