Plumber Bro MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multipliers) 1.2.7

Updated 07/02/2022 (2 years ago)
NamePlumber Bro APK
PublisherNice Play
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Plumber Bro

Coming from one of the most famous brands in Japan, Plumber Bro will show you a different perspective on the characters that made our childhood. Mario is a character and one of the most famous symbols of video games globally. Nearly everyone has known this plumber through many legendary games. Now they will once again be back in the next game. Although not made by Nintendo itself, it still has the most exciting elements. Meet familiar characters again and build strength together. Fight to protect the mushroom kingdom from evil enemies.

Plumber Bro was not created by Nintendo – the famous game company that created Mario because its style is entirely different. No more platforming, racing, or puzzle game. Plumber Bro is a game with bold tactical elements. Players will build and develop characters such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach… Help them get more special powers. From there, participate in many adventures that promise to be much more dangerous and dramatic.

Plumber Bro mod

Download Plumber Bro mod – Play games with Mario in a new style

The combat system and character building have become the new major factor in a Mario-related game. Plumber Bro brings back all the familiar characters. Attached to your beautiful childhood from plumber Mario, brother Luigi, Princess Peach, turtle Yoshi, giant monster king Bowser, Donkey Kong… You see all these names familiar, of course. They will return and, this time, wields greater power. Shown by rating mechanism by number of stars and rarity. SSR characters are always the rarest and very difficult to obtain.

Accompanying such elements must, of course, be a meaningful journey. We will adventure with lovely characters and fight many bad guys outside the world. Since they have been equipped with new skills, the battlefield will undoubtedly be highly bustling. Players also have to use tactics to defeat the enemy. Combine characters to create destructive combos. There will be opinions that Plumber Bro is losing the familiar image of lovable characters. But this change doesn’t have any far-reaching purpose. Focus only on the needs and enjoyment of the player only.

Plumber Bro mod apk

3D style combat

No longer a plane with only two dimensions, left and right. The battlefield of Mario and friends has been raised to a new level. All will fight in a 3D environment with superb graphics. Almost comparable to the exclusive games created by Nintendo. Monsters will appear everywhere for you and everyone to fight together. From small and medium-sized monsters such as carnivorous flowers, turtles… There are also giant bosses like destructive dragons. Parameters can easily distinguish their strength. The real problem is that using everything you have to defeat the enemy is difficult with only four skills given.

Plumber Bro mod apk free

Level up and strength

The newest addition to Plumber Bro is to level up your characters. Leveling up will help unlock more new skills. Equip eight different weapons on each character. The equipment system also has its hierarchy, ranging from white to green, blue, purple, and red. Use gold coins to enhance equipment to many levels, like the character. Build a squad with the most powerful and adorable Mario, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong. You need to adventure a lot and fight the most dangerous monsters to do all that. Although the journey is long, it will certainly not let you feel discouraged.

Plumber Bro mod free

Dozens of different content

If it only revolves around fighting in the plot and leveling up the characters, it will quickly make you bored. Certainly, Plumber Bro will not let that happen. Functions such as making friends, joining a guild, new game modes, events… All are updated so that all are always grasped in the fastest way. You will get to know more new friends through this game. Join them to join the guild and build a fun community. Fight and apply your tactics in a new way in a new game mode. Even PvP to evaluate the current strength of the characters. All with attractive rewards and constant content updates.

Plumber Bro free

Bring back the best moments of relaxation and nostalgia of the golden age in gaming history with the Plumber Bro mod. It’s not just about going back to childhood with many of the cutest and most popular characters. Plumber Bro also allows players to practice to improve their strength and many critical strategic skills. Approach Mario and his friends in a whole new way.

How to Download & Install Plumber Bro MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multipliers) for Android


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2 years ago

Este jogo está desatualizado….e por favor,coloque o mod menu Lost in Blue…obrigado !

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