Survivor Hero: MOD APK (Menu, Damage multipliers/Onehit) 11.0.22

Updated 12/04/2024 (6 days ago)
NameSurvivor Hero: APK
PublisherTrèfle & Co. Game
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage multipliers/Onehit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Survivor Hero:

Control heroes with magical powers in their bodies and try to survive in Survivor Hero: MOD APK (Menu, Damage multipliers/Onehit). The world of labyrinths was attacked by monsters and turned into a forbidden land. The land of mysteries now looks dangerous while not being explored. All the defenses of the world have failed before the monster force. Archers couldn’t have enough strength to shoot down all the monsters attacking. So the world needs warriors with special powers that can destroy all monsters. Transform into magical heroes and adventure through various monster battlefields.

Monsters organized the invasion of the world by archers and successfully invaded. Every land became a place where monsters defended against the counterattack. And monster labyrinths were constantly being formed to prevent the archers from attacking back. In this state, only extraordinary heroes can save the world from monsters. So warriors with magical powers were born, and the eradication began. They will use swords with magical energy to defeat the enemies of the world. Destroy monster bosses to bring justice to those killed by monsters.

Survivor Hero android

Download Survivor Hero: APK mod – Destroy monsters with magic power

The attacking monster forces utterly defeated the world defense team of archers. They appear like storms and organize relentless invasions into the world. The archers were submerged entirely and could not keep the human world safe. But this world gave birth to new generations of warriors with special powers. This will be what separates new heroes from talented archers. And the hero’s power is magic power, so the monsters won’t be able to resist. Enter the land of monsters and control weapons with magical powers to destroy them.

Survivor Hero apk

Age of monsters

The power of darkness has always spawned monsters, and their numbers constantly increase. Although the monster world is large, there is still not enough room to accommodate this cruel and brutal creature. So they decided to leave their world and find a new inhabited land. The world of humans became the target where monsters wanted to survive, and war broke out. In large numbers, the demons had utterly defeated the hero archers. The world has been engulfed, and the time for humans to perish by monsters is approaching. Discover the power of new-age heroes and the quest to slay monsters.

Survivor Hero mod apk

Magic hero

The world of talented archers couldn’t resist the large number of monsters that appeared. They were constantly being born from the darkness and decided to leave the little monster world. The new land they chose was the human world, and they defeated the archers to take over the world. So new magical heroes were born to protect the world from monsters. Many monsters have occupied the world, and you have to chase them out of the world with them. All monsters will not be able to withstand the magic power, and that is your chance to fight. Overcome the monster challenge with the magical power of the new hero warrior of the world.

Survivor Hero free

Magic power

The age of monsters has enveloped the human world, and all attempts to fight back have failed. Even talented archers could not continue to protect the world from demons. But humanity was promised a secure future when new heroes appeared. They are nurtured by magical power and will use this extraordinary power to fight. Heroes can use magic to grow in strength and defeat all monsters. Or they can use magic to strengthen the weapon in hand to destroy the beast. Hold magical powers in your hands and use them to defeat the monster labyrinths.

Survivor Hero mod

You will participate in the battle to protect the world of new heroes against monsters. They were the enemies that had defeated the archer generation in great numbers. But now monsters will confront you and the latest magical heroes of the world. This mysterious power will allow you to increase the strength of your heroes. You can also use it to control weapons and destroy attacking monsters. The journey to becoming a magical hero protecting the world has begun, and let’s try to fight. Download Survivor Hero: APK 11.0.22 to lead supernatural heroes to victory in the age of monsters.

How to Download & Install Survivor Hero: MOD APK (Menu, Damage multipliers/Onehit) for Android


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