Kick the Prince MOD APK (Unlimited Lime/Antiban) 2.2.27

Updated 11/09/2021 (3 years ago)
NameKick the Prince APK
PublisherLime Society
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Lime/Antiban
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Introduce MOD APK Kick the Prince

Usually, in fairy tales, the most beautiful ending for a couple is the prince and princess holding a wedding. And they lived happily ever after. It has a great ending, full of love. But what if one day you find out the truth is not so. The kick the Prince game will tell you about a special ending, surprising many players.

Kick the Prince will take you back to the sentimental fairy tales you have ever read. The scene changes the characteristics of the princess in the story. See the scenery around you run through your eyes, a wonderful world to give you the best experience when playing this game. Explore the world of fashion in the game. Many beautiful colors will make you fall in love when you start participating in Kick the Prince.

Kick the Prince mod apk

Download Kick the Prince mod – Prince revenge race

The characters are depicted very beautifully and lovable, creating their own beauty that attracts many players. Just using two keys to jump and attack can make you play Kick the Prince continuously without stopping. Skillfully overcome obstacles and collect rewards. Make the biggest score with your ability. The game is suitable for you to entertain after tiring hours. Discover the hidden story inside of this game.

Once upon a time, there was a prince who promised his princess that he loved her and would marry her. However, he needed time to prepare for the wedding, hoping that the princess would wait for him. Thinking that this was the only love in her life, she, without a doubt, agreed to that decision. May your loved one’s journey be safe. The princess is always looking forward to happiness until one day, and she discovers the harsh truth. Her prince also appeared in many other fairy tales. The anger burning inside her began to search for this male criminal. Let’s help the protagonist get revenge!

Kick the Prince mod apk free

Meet the princesses

The one who is always chasing after the prince is none other than the princess. The beautiful girls devoted their hearts to the other prince. The kick the Prince game brings together many beautiful princesses with a shared past of deception. They always carry indignation when they know that their prince is a passionate person. Each person will own a combat item such as Snow White using a large hammer, Sleeping Beauty using a pillow… Take turns to punish and teach the boy a lesson.

Kick the Prince mod free

Tracing Traitors

In the game Kick the Prince, the player will run endlessly across every area, searching for the prince. If you catch him with another woman, the princess you use can attack both men and women. Jealousy reached its climax when the love we had been waiting for was betrayed. The promiscuous prince needs to be properly punished. Solve the trouble you encounter on the road that you are roaming about. Destroy everything with the weapon in hand. It’s time for the promiscuous prince to pay the price for the princess’s heart.

Kick the Prince mod android

Gorgeous clothes

To punish the prince who hurt us, we need to have the most splendid clothes. There are many clothes to choose from in Kick the Prince. Each princess will have her own unique style. A variety of costumes such as angels, Halloween, Christmas … In the chase for the prince, you can collect gold and then recruit an extra mount. Including Unicorns, Dragons, Chickens… They have the ability to take damage on behalf of their owners. Unlock more pets for more choices in your journey.

Kick the Prince mod mod

The quest to capture the prince

Pay attention as you play right below. There will be a quest board. Once completed, the princess will be flown to the prince’s side. This is the perfect time for revenge. Swing the weapon, press the button quickly to punish this womanizer. Create a nice combo, get some gold so you can buy things in the shop. There is nothing more fun than getting revenge and seeing the prince’s hateful crybaby face when he was beaten. It’s pathetic and a beautiful ending for the traitor to the wrong person.

Kick the Prince mod

Kick the Prince mod brings the look of fairy tales. Beautiful chibi princesses come out from the story. But different from the endings you’ve read, the truth will be revealed in the game. Enjoy the feeling of chasing and punishing the flirt who hurt the weak heart of a little girl. There’s no time to cry, and it’s time to give those guys the end they deserve.

How to Download & Install Kick the Prince MOD APK (Unlimited Lime/Antiban) for Android


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