Runic Curse APK 1.15

Updated 31/03/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameRunic Curse APK
PublisherAlexey Suslin
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SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Runic Curse

Runic Curse MOD APK is a place to test your survival ability when trying to escape an island. You have participated in discovering a new world while accompanying travellers. And everything has been specifically planned for you to learn about this vast world. However, everything changed when a storm appeared and destroyed the ship carrying you and your tourists. But you were lucky to keep your life when you drifted to an unknown island. This is where the ancient curse exists, and you believe this is the cause of the disaster. Get ready to decode mysteries and unravel the accident you encounter.

Your journey to explore the new world has stopped since you had an accident at sea. That’s when the ship carrying you and your crew as tourists encountered a storm. Then you wake up and discover you are the only person who has not died after the disaster. And in the hope of survival, you try to drift to an unknown island and begin your journey of discovery. To find food, you must move to different island locations. From here, you will encounter scary creatures that attack you in dangerous challenges. Start your adventure on a deserted island and find a way to survive the evil curse.

Runic Curse mod

Download Runic Curse MOD APK – Fight and survive against difficult challenges

You are the only person left alive after a shipwreck at sea while exploring the world. And you drifted to an unknown island with many scary mysteries. There are rumours that this is where many evil ancient monsters are nurtured. So when you wake up here, you must prepare to face many challenges. You can survive and return to your homeland only when you safely overcome them. To do that, fight courageously and endure hardships in the face of challenges. Join quests to explore the island of the cruellest runic curses.

Runic Curse apk

Fight with powerful skills

Your mission on the journey of discovery is to survive when facing challenges. And you have taken your first steps deep into the cursed island. There are many strange monsters here, and they will quickly attack the stranger who is you. But in search of a chance to survive, you adapt to the island and create magical skills. By using them, you can defeat monsters and leave danger behind. You can create effective combat combos with 55 types of powerful magic skills. Use skills and fight like a hero in Runic Curse MOD APK.

Runic Curse mod apk

Face challenges

You must face combat missions to find a way to live for yourself. So it would be best if you endured difficulties to get used to the combat system. Then you can customize the buttons and control yourself against ancient monsters. They are cursed and will attack you violently and regardless. But behind them are evil bosses willing to do anything to achieve their goals. And you must destroy them to survive and escape from the ancient island. Face challenges against evil monsters you encounter as you explore the island.

Runic Curse free

Conquer survival challenges

To survive, you must fight to overcome the challenges that appear ahead. That’s when you enter the island where the runic curse has affected everything. Therefore, monsters with strange shapes and brutal power may appear here. And you need to fight and destroy them to move forward and find a way out. There will be up to 10 locations with large areas, and many will beies and evil bosses. Furthermore, unlimited challenges will be created for you to prove your abilities. Fight on journeys of discovery and overcome all challenges to survive.

Runic Curse android

You were lucky enough to survive a disaster at sea when the discovery ship crashed. But that storm swept you to the unknown island where the oldest curse exists. Therefore, you will encounter many challenges during your journey to explore the island to find a way to survive. They will test your ability to fight with the magical skills you possess. Also, you can learn how to use runic curses while fighting and exploring. That way, you will create weapons to help you face survival challenges. Download Runic Curse MOD APK to explore the mysteries you encounter while fighting on the strange island.

How to Download & Install Runic Curse APK for Android


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