Streets of Rage Classic MOD APK (Unlocked) 7.0.0

Updated 12/04/2024 (6 days ago)
NameStreets of Rage Classic APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Streets of Rage Classic MOD APK detail?

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Introduce MOD APK Streets of Rage Classic

Continually battle each of the talented opponents that appear in the game Streets of Rage Classic. More powerful opponents will gradually appear, increasing the game’s difficulty. The opportunity to confront opponents that appear is to miss the chance to show strength. Immediately join the battle of the strong and become the survivor. Skip the story or the preamble that introduces the game with fighting. Compete against friends or choose a single match against an opponent. You will constantly compete against every opponent from opposing them no matter which mode you choose. Control your character; the entire content is waiting for you to discover.

The challenge in the game is building a system along with different modes. Explore the method by training characters to explore the storyline through fighting battles. The city center is where you conduct duels with criminals. Take on the challenge of each criminal in the city to overcome them. You and two fellow policemen must pass through different places to defeat the leader. Your appearance will stop the footsteps of criminals. Use police characters to make their presence on the street disappear. Keep your strengths to the maximum to create uniqueness in fighting.

Streets of Rage Classic mod apk

Download Streets of Rage Classic mod – Fight criminals

Three policemen are on a mission to enter the street to stop criminals. They don’t need to be ready to rush out to block every alley in the city and protect the leader. Play as one of those policemen to help your teammates fight evil. Unleash the strengths of each cop with the power to knock down all enemies in one-handed blows. Use combo attacks before the attack so criminals can’t resist. Deals a final blow that causes the defeated enemy to stop fighting. Unlock two more characters by taking down criminals in 12 levels of the game. You will soon discover all secrets in the streets thanks to the confrontations.

Streets of Rage Classic free

Duel with the enemy

A very unlikely duel between police and criminals in city wars. You won’t have to worry about multiple enemies rushing and fighting you in pursuit. You will go with other police officers to where the criminal leader hides. The leader’s minions rushed out, and those enemies were assigned from the beginning. Fight one on one and keep fair with each other until one is knocked down. Enjoy the thrill of tit-for-tat in the battle to see who can take the pain well. Your attacks in war deal significant damage and stun enemies. End the duel to compete with a decisive blow to help your teammates.

Streets of Rage Classic apk

Non-stop fighting

Confront each enemy in the game that emerges from the streets continuously. They are supposed to protect the criminal leader from the police search in the city. Join the battle immediately upon the appearance of the enemy and duel with them. The continuous hits of the police will defeat your opponent. Unlock the playing fields so you can continue to arrest the city criminals. Having weapons in combat is advantageous, and you can find them in town. You can pick up knives, sticks, or swords to increase your fighting power. Unlock each character by completing levels and fighting non-stop.

Streets of Rage Classic android

Street crime

Engage in duels with criminals through the city streets. You can choose to duel them alone to test your talent one-on-one. The most dangerous gang in the criminal world has infiltrated your city. They block people’s way of robbing property, and police regulations are disregarded. Challenge yourself through many modes to flex your different fighting styles. The criminals in these regimes also have their way of fighting. You must find and defeat the concentration of plot criminals. Unlock five iconic characters of the city’s security and defeat the leader of the crime.

Streets of Rage Classic mod

Join the battle with thugs against the regulations and instructions of the city police. The criminals need to be calmed down so you can move on to the following levels. First, play as a city cop and use your skills to defeat your opponents with your bare hands. For the minions under the final boss, you can beat them with just your bare hands. But when you meet the final boss in the game, they are so powerful that you need to use weapons. You can pick up knives, sticks, or guns in combat to be able to fight them. Download Streets of Rage Classic mod to become a police officer and use your hands to duel the city’s criminals.

How to Download & Install Streets of Rage Classic MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android


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