Ryuko MOD APK 1.0.81 (Menu, Free shopping/God mode)

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NameRyuko APK
PublisherHorizon Games Inc.
MOD FeaturesMenu, Free shopping/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation
  • V1: Menu, Free Shopping/Immortal
  • V2: Immortal.
  • V3: Get rewards without watching ads, you can get a lot of coins by going back to main menu once.

The samurai’s battle of the past period is beautifully portrayed in Ryuko. Transform into a famous samurai with the power of the demon’s eyes. Adventure across the lands of Japan’s earliest days. Ryuko presented a Japan that was hundreds of years ago quite accurately and extensively. A little editing compared to the history to create drama for players. You are the one who will adventure with the cursed shadow warrior. Save the country from the demonic body that holds the lives of innocent people in their hands. Stand up and defeat evil once and for all.

One of the 3D action games offers various gameplay and beautiful graphics. Ryuko tells the story of a female shadow warrior’s battle. She had to cover her eyes so as not to harm innocent people. After more than 20 years of torment, he returned and was on a mission to defeat the evil of darkness. Even though he was cursed, he still retained his reason. The main character still has a keen sense of dexterity and the ability to fight proficiently. That is why she takes on the role of the main character in this journey. Find the bloodthirsty demons and destroy them to free the people.

Ryuko Legend of Shadow Hunter mod

Download Ryuko mod – Legend of shadow warrior, cursed

Ryuko’s gameplay is one of the most engaging things that come to mind. It is a rare game that can be played without an internet connection. Downloading Ryuko means that the entire content in the game is available. So you can play at any time with or without an internet connection. You will control the heroine – a warrior cursed with demonic eyes. Fight the shadowy entities that are taking over the bodies of innocent people. They infiltrate into daily life to plot to annex the entire country. Shadowhunter warriors are the only hope of all of Japan.

Trained by real shadow warriors, the protagonist’s skills and swordsmanship become superior to that of an ordinary person. Accompanying that is the power of darkness awakened in the body. This is something that no human being can possess. You will fight in a 3D environment with virtual keys to show your skills. Collect weapons to fight. Awaken the power of darkness in the most dangerous situations.

Ryuko Legend of Shadow Hunter mod apk

Unlimited Freedom Fight

Enemies will spawn from all over the map. You will also be able to move freely anywhere on the battlefield. Use continuous attacks and skills to damage and knockdown enemies. The upper right corner of the screen will be your status. It shows you how many levels you are at and how much health you have left. This will make it easier to control the battle. Skills can be executed to create unique combos. Combos do more damage and are more effective. Don’t forget to dodge enemy attacks. Weapons with long-range guns will need to dodge a lot if you don’t want to lose health.

Ryuko Legend of Shadow Hunter mod apk free

Choose the right warrior

The journey to defeat the evil of darkness will not revolve around the heroine alone. I also have many other warriors who also possess the power of darkness. When completing many vital tasks or using gold coins to buy, you will get them. Depending on the weapon, the fighting style of these warriors is also completely different. Warriors wield guns, long knives, giant hammers, and katana swords. This simple change makes each character have a specific playing experience. Continuously coordinate many characters together to increase the possibility of victory. Find out which warrior can make you feel most comfortable when fighting.

Ryuko Legend of Shadow Hunter mod free

Defeat the dark boss

The bosses in each land are the biggest challenge that players must overcome to proceed. They will appear at the end of the level. Due to their large size by absorbing many souls, their dark power is the most fearsome. A boss fight will go on continuously with almost no break. If you want to win, the player needs to constantly dodge the attacks it creates. Requires a professional dodge skill to be able to escape the danger. The rest is the right time to deal continuous damage. Since they are complicated, you will receive many worthy gifts if you defeat them. The opportunity to develop strength is still very open.

Ryuko Legend of Shadow Hunter free

Rescue early Japan from the yoke of dark entities. Stand up to fight with teammates to remove the curse on the main character’s eyes. Show excellent fighting skills and defeat the forces of darkness most convincingly in Ryuko mod.

Download Ryuko MOD APK (Menu, Free shopping/God mode) for Android

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