Supreme Saberman Stickman MOD APK (Free Upgrade) 8.3

Updated 29/02/2024 (5 months ago)
NameSupreme Saberman Stickman APK
PublisherVGames Studios
MOD FeaturesFree Upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Supreme Saberman Stickman

Join the stickman galactic war and take revenge on the invaders in Supreme Saberman Stickman. The world of the stickman warrior has always been peaceful, and he is always happy with this. But an intergalactic war has begun, and he is forced to join the fight. The battle created by the enemy threatens to spread to the earth and destroy the family’s peace. Clash with the space invaders and use the skills of the shinobi to fight. Reuse the lightsaber and once again plunge into the battle for world peace. Become a stickman warrior and fight against the invasion of space enemies.

Space enemies have waged war between the worlds of the galaxy. They do it to force a brave warrior of the earth to come out and fight them. This stickman warrior has to step out because the war could reach the world. This place needs to be kept peaceful; more importantly, the world is where he and his family live. The invaders are defiant, and you must fight for the warrior spirit. Only by defeating the invaders will the enemies stop the invasion plan. Instead, grab the lightsaber and head out into outer space to confront dangerous enemies.

Supreme Saberman Stickman android

Download Supreme Saberman Stickman mod – Fight for the ultimate stickman spirit.

An intergalactic war created by invaders is spreading towards the earth. Stickman warriors are forced to go out to prevent the enemy from plotting to invade. The world has become peaceful after the warrior swept away all the crimes that appeared. And this place cannot be violated because it is the place to raise the happy family of the stick people. You must help the stickman fight not only for himself but also for the peace of the world. The invaders have destroyed the galaxies out there, and they need your help too. Attack the enemy to destroy the stability of the earth and stop the alien invaders.

Supreme Saberman Stickman apk

Stickman warrior

Your stickman ninja warrior has enjoyed a peaceful life on earth. The warrior purifies the sins here using his strength and weapons. But the war is not over; they are invaders from beyond the galaxy. To avoid them from harming the earth, you must control the stickman warrior to fight again. You will control other warriors you train and step out into battle space. The family members of the stickman warrior still believe in your superior strength. Prove to the invaders that the earth is not easy for them to invade.

Supreme Saberman Stickman free

Fight the invaders

The invaders not only waged war on earth but also in other regions. So the front that stickman warriors have to fight is diverse and has many dangers. To fight them, you must lead a team of stickmen warriors to protect the acts. You will be the captain and lead the warriors to fight each stage of the enemy. Your warrior will find the wheel of fate and increase in strength after the battle phase. The increased power of the warrior increases the chances of repelling the enemy and winning the battle. Control the stickman leader to lead an army of warriors against the alien invaders.

Supreme Saberman Stickman mod apk

Warrior’s weapon

Your stickman warrior used a lightsaber to cleanse the evils of the earth. This powerful weapon helps him stabilize the world after years of war. And the sword is also a representation that he can become the most potent stickman warrior. But the space enemies are complex, and you need to help the warrior with new weapons. Or you can help the stickman upgrade his lightsaber with the latest technology. The stickman warrior’s space adventure against the monster just got easier. Every sword in the warrior’s hand becomes sharp and can help him repel the invading enemy.

Supreme Saberman Stickman mod

The reluctant stickman warrior must once again join the intergalactic war. The invaders want the war to spread to the entire galaxy, including the earth. The peace of the stick family has been threatened, and fighting will be inevitable. But this time, the stickman warrior did not fight alone but with the party’s help. He knew he would still have to fight and train a brave stickman warrior team. Lead the team of warriors and use the typical lightsaber and fight to destroy the invaders. Download Supreme Saberman Stickman mod to support the ultimate stickman warrior to keep the world safe.

How to Download & Install Supreme Saberman Stickman MOD APK (Free Upgrade) for Android


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