Carnivores: Ice Age MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.9.0

Updated 01/06/2023 (9 months ago)
NameCarnivores: Ice Age APK
PublisherTatem Games Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Carnivores: Ice Age

Carnivores: Ice Age is a simulation game for hunting experiences in cold winter weather. On a distant planet, the existence of wild animals is simulated most realistically. The game challenges your aiming and tactical skills in a new location. Play as a hunter, fully equipped with the necessary weapons and accessories. To be able to fight all the creatures that appear in front of you. You nYou need to approach the animal gently and silently and pay attention to the details around you. Just a small action to make the animal notice you; you can know it’s their food at any time.

Players are transported back to prehistoric tims when there were creatures like dinosaurs or mammoths. Especially in the ice age, players need to overcome difficult weather conditions. Simultaneously move across the continent to be able to find the location of the animal. The game offers a continental map where the player can finplacesns where the animal can appear. On the miniature map simulating the continue,nt there are small yellow dots. That is the location of the animals that the player needs to hunt. Playercanto pre-determine the animals they want tpursuent and the weapons they can bring into the battle.

Carnivores Ice Age android

Download Carnivores: Ice Age mod – Hunting prehistoric animals by shooting and hunting

After choosing the animals and weapons that the player can use, you will be taken to any location on the continent. Then the player needs to move to find the character. Similar to other shooting games, players move with virtual keys that appear on the screen. Then choose the right gun for your distance and the animal. Next is being able to shoot and attack them immediately. If you miss, these animals will detect your existence and run away. You need to chase to be able to destroy them quickly; if you lose track, you will have to search for these animals from the beginning.

Carnivores Ice Age apk free

Five maps

Carnivores: Ice Age provides players with five maps corresponding to 5 continents with different weather and climate. The topographic features on these maps also change. As a result, players can experience participating in more diverse battles. In addition to the area amid a blizzard, the trees had died from the cold. A dense forest edge area is also suitable for sheltering large animals. Or a room submerged in the night makes it difficult for players to locate the animals quickly. An island near the sea with many rocky areas makes it difficult for players to move and find animals.

Carnivores Ice Age apk

Weapons and accessories

The guns that the game offers you are incredibly diverse. There are many different designs and capacities; players can be flexible in their use. If the animal is far away, long-range sniper rifles can be used to attack more accurately. Rifles, shotguns, shotguns,… everything can be found here. Some accessories aid the player in this fight. Includes hunting accessories that help you camouflage or mask the scent. These items allow you to avoid being sniffed by the mischievous noses of predators. Otherwise, you will become their official meal.

Carnivores Ice Age mod apk

Prehistoric animals

The animals that you need to hunt are giant. Because most of them are creatures modeled after prehistoric times, these animals are relatively flexible and wise. From mammoth, deer, leopard, dinosaur, rhino,… Any animal can become your target. After choosing the animals you need to hunt, you need to find the suitable types of animals. Avoid getting too close to them. Otherwise, it will be difficult for players to deal with unexpected problems. Players can also observe these exciting animals to have a whole new experience.

Carnivores Ice Age mod

These animals are all extremely cunning, significantly the game also adds exciting features. Even the most minor details can turn players into prey. Changing the wind’s direction makes it possible for your scent to reach the animal. As soon as they smell a bad omen, they can also hunt you as prey. In addition, players can also go looking for support items. They appear anywhere in the continental area. If found, players can collect and use them as their own. Download Carnivores: Ice Age mod to hunt prehistoric animals.

How to Download & Install Carnivores: Ice Age MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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