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Adventures always make us have precious and rewarding experiences. For such quality adventures, WENJIA is not a bad choice. Become a divine being who ventures into fantasy spaces. Rescue the less fortunate creatures trapped in eternal darkness. Witness the thousands of miracles that magically bring to everything. Return the stolen best to the beautiful world.

WENJIA is a highly rated game by professionals. This game has won many different prestigious awards from the selections. The images of this game are sharp and quality to every detail. Every movement is made extremely smooth and absolutely precise. The fantasy world context is built in a variety of ways and is suitable for all different audiences. Moreover, it also requires a lot of players thinking and processing skills.

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Download WENJIA mod – Step into different mystical realities.

The world of WENJIA exists in parallel between two different realms. Only pure souls can travel between these two realms. As a cat with the ability to travel between two separate worlds, you are responsible for discovering everything. Start the arduous journey to reach the heart of the mountain god. Along the way, many lost souls will appear. Let’s save them by collecting enough light spots that appear. Beware of deadly traps that are densely arranged during movement. Your perseverance and skills will be tested a lot to be able to accomplish the goal.

Your character can freely roam the two opposing realms continuously. Just switch, and you’ll be instantly transported to another environment. In many cases where the road is blocked, you need to switch to the other side to open the way. It takes flexibility to move intelligently to gain an advantage easily.

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Deadly Traps

While going where you need to go, you will encounter many things that can stand in your way. Typically, deadly thorns grow densely everywhere on the road. Scary creatures like spiders or other poisonous insects can kill you. Lakes or deep holes can drown you. Scary sparks are spewed from the cliffs with extremely high heat. To be able to overcome these traps, take advantage of the given advantages. Small stairs or portals are a good solution. Make the transition so you don’t get stuck and complete the move.

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Change of clothes

Sometimes you want your cat to have a slightly different style. This is very simple, go to the options and find yourself a suitable outfit. There are many designs with beautiful colors. Wearing it, you will have a completely new experience while playing, from foxes to mink, squirrels, or wonderful antique motifs carved into the self. To get these skins, you must accumulate enough money to unlock them. Collect all the coolest and most beautiful outfits for your cat. This game can never get boring with new changes.

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New maps

Every time you complete a chapter, new areas will be unlocked. You will be transported to a completely new place where great challenges await. Each map has its own visual design with a completely different landscape. New traps, new fearsome creatures randomly arranged. Just go and discover new things and improvise yourself in the face of obstacles. It may require you to think rationally to get through these traps. If successful, the journey will continue, and you will get to where you need to be. This trip gives us more insight.

When you reach a certain point, you will encounter checkpoints to save progress. It will allow you to respawn thereafter being destroyed and continue the game. Avoid being destroyed and having to overcome the big challenges just finished. Lots of new advantages that the two worlds give you to move forward. Remember, if one side can’t go, move to the other side. Continuously combine two worlds to form a complete path. When playing WENJIA mod, you can grasp many different skill elements.

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