Superhero Kungfu Fighting Game MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.0.1

Updated on 17/03/2023 (3 days ago)
NameSuperhero Kungfu Fighting Game APK
PublisherGame Finale
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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If you are familiar with the Marvel universe, you will surely be impressed by the shape of the heroes in this movie. Superhero Kungfu Fighting Game will help you transform into the superhero you desire. When the earth is in danger, it is time for superheroes to appear. They will save the people and fight the evil demons. In Superhero Kungfu Fighting Game, you will become a hero for everyone. Here you will have super skills that ordinary people don’t have. Fight with the superhero club. And you will be honored and admired by everyone. Download Superhero Kungfu Fighting Game to have the experience of being a hero right away.

Only with simple operations such as moving up and down, left and right, and special functions. Superhero Kungfu Fighting Game takes you into the wrestling world of superheroes. You will decide your strength. Superhero Kungfu Fighting Game will help you relax every free time, bored. Combined with beautiful 3D graphics, it gives a realistic feel to every movement of the heroes. Ensure that you will quickly deliver fatal blows to finish the opponent. Thrilling wrestling matches of spiderman, king kong, and batman… are waiting for you in the front. Don’t be afraid of challenges. Fight for your honor.

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Download Superhero Kungfu Fighting Game mod – transform into a superhero affirming your worth

Superhero Kungfu Fighting Game gives you a treasure trove of lifelike superhero skills. Powers like spider webs, thunder, flying, or superpowers. Your task is to make the opponent run out of blood and lose. Get familiar with the screen’s up and down, left and right buttons. Move around the screen flexibly. Use unique skills such as punching, kicking, and high jumping… at the right time. Combining these operations masterfully will help you win over other players more quickly. After knocking out the opponent, you will receive experience stars. Three stars are the maximum for one turn.

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Various superheroes

If you are new to the game, you will be given a primary superhero by default with everyday punching skills. When you collect enough gold coins or lucky cards, you will have a chance to unlock extraordinary heroes. Superhero Kungfu Fighting Game’s superhero treasure will not disappoint you with the multitude of characters created. The higher the amount to buy the surface, the more beautiful character design you will buy along with new skills. Creating diverse characters will bring newness to players, making sense of excitement when participating in the battle. In addition to the amount specified in the game, you can get additional bonuses when performing destructive actions.

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Hundreds of levels

The levels in Superhero Kungfu Fighting Game are updated regularly. You need to complete the requirements of the game to be able to open the next level. When fighting, always maintain the amount of HP that is not depleted to avoid losing. The variety of classes also entails a variety of locations and missions. Each wrestling screen will take place in different scenes. Sometimes on the rooftop, when fighting with king kong, in the deep forest, when in the arena… Win over other players to increase the value of your name. When entering the reputation rankings, your name will be placed next to other good players.

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Special skill card

As you know, in addition to normal operations, superheroes also carry special skills. With Superhero Kungfu Fighting Game, each character usually has six more special actions on the right side of the screen. The punching and kicking skills can be used continuously. But manipulating tornado or thunder is limited in time and usage. After using it once, you have to wait for it to finish a round before you can use the next turn. In addition, after winning a stage, you will receive a chance card, each of which determines how many turns you can use for a particular skill.

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Be a superhero with supreme power. Defeat opponents and also other heroes. This is not easy, but it is not difficult if you take the time to practice. When you get used to the manipulations of the game, you will be more flexible in making moves. Moves such as punching the stomach or kicking the face will significantly damage. Accompanied by laser eyes, lightning hands, and shields, … You can comment in the chat section to interact with other international heroes. You do not need to be online to participate. Download Superhero Kungfu Fighting Game mod transforms into 3D heroes and participate in survival wrestling.

Download Superhero Kungfu Fighting Game MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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