Stone Giant MOD APK (Unlimited upgrade point) 2.6.7

Updated 03/02/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameStone Giant APK
PublisherNaxeex Robots
MOD FeaturesUnlimited upgrade point
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Stone Giant

It is an action role-playing game that received many good reviews from players on experience platforms. Stone Giant has recorded many successes. Thanks to the gameplay that combines tactical thinking and beautiful graphics quality. With liberal gameplay, this game immediately attracts gamers passionate about plowing and hunting. With nearly 5 million downloads on the Android platform alone, there’s no doubt about the quality. Stone Giant certainly will not disappoint the followers of the action game series.

Attract players by impersonating the character to explore the city without limits. Here, players are free to move and act the way they want. Choose to punish the bad guys for becoming a hero. Or ravage the city to become an evil destroyer is your choice. You can completely decide who your best friend is in the simulation city. You can freely transform anytime, anywhere based on particular skills. Go giant in seconds. Thanks to that, whether fighting, ravaging, or racing. All actions are unrestricted in your city. This is considered one of the free-style action role-playing games.

Stone Giant android

Download Stone Giant mod – Experience freedom at the peak of power

Immerse yourself in the feeling of being the strongman in the simulated city, which is also your territory. At the same time possessing the ability to strengthen the body into hard rock gave strength. Become a hero in the eyes of the citizens to enforce the law on the bad guys, the gangsters who bring suffering to the people. This is also the time when the tasks given by the system force the player to complete. Use personal weapons, loot lanes, race cars, and apply skills flexibly to complete missions. The amount of reward received will correspond to the difficulty of the task. Each time the mission is completed, the problem of the game will be increased by one level. So you have to make innovative use of your powers.

Stone Giant mod apk

Flexible use of the stone giant’s ability

The strong are always those who know how to take advantage of them. Granted, the ability to transform into a giant of great strength. However, how to use it to bring the best effect is essential. To be able to unleash powerful punches and powerful kicks that can break everything. Repeat actions to figure out how to maximize the strengths of your abilities. Now you are no longer an ordinary person but a young man who desires to show off and show strength. Now no one can stop you from moving forward in this city. This power is born for you to do extraordinary things. You are the one who brings peace or fear to this city.

Stone Giant apk free

Upgrade your combat weapons and transformations

By flexibly using the ability to transform and using the most advanced weapons. You will have to plunge into a fierce battle with many gangs. This is also the time when the player must complete the tasks given by the system. The amount of the reward will be commensurate with the difficulty of each task. Use it to exchange for more powerful weapons such as Guns, bazookas, grenades, … and many more options. In addition, you can also change the style of your character with beautiful costumes and eye-catching designs. In particular, the appearance of the character that you play can also be adjusted thanks to the supply system. However, the prerequisite is completing the missions and getting the key to open it.

Stone Giant mod

How to create an impressive character

Stone Giant promises to bring unforgettable experiences. Vivid 2D graphic design style with large playing space. The character controls move quickly and smoothly for a very realistic experience. The game helps you have a free experience while entering some characters. The system will give you the task and what you need to do is complete it to receive the reward. With a way of creating vivid characters from the main character to other variations of the character. Through actions such as walking, standing, jumping, and sitting. Designed to look like real life outside. The character’s appearance is also allowed to change depending on the player’s tastes.

Stone Giant apk

Stone Giant, to this day has always been considered an entry-level game worth trying on experience platforms. With almost absolute high ratings and comments from gamers, the details in the game are taken care of to bring the most realistic feeling to the user. There is no doubt that this is a game worth trying for gamers. Download Stone Giant mod to experience unlimited peak power.

How to Download & Install Stone Giant MOD APK (Unlimited upgrade point) for Android


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