Super Wings MOD APK (Immortal) 4.1.8

Updated 02/04/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameSuper Wings APK
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MOD FeaturesImmortal
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Super Wings

Super Wings MOD APK (Immortal) is a companion action game with delivery robots in the movie series of the same name. Because they are inspired by cartoons, the purpose and mission of the robots are also kept the same. That is delivering goods to a particular location and overcoming obstacles and difficulties. Bring the goods to the recipient’s need without any scratches or anything. The player knows the distance he needs to ship this order. When encountering obstacles, the player can transform back to the old state. Then destroy all the things standing in your way from completing your mission. Upgrade your character to complete levels quickly.

Players find it interesting to meet delivery squads in the form of planes. To overcome the arduous journey, players need to accompany this fleet of aircraft. The main interface is a cylindrical headquarters, the top is the base with layers of frosted glass doors. The planes enter the base through a tube that is similar in design to a ventilation duct. When entering the base, players will feel overwhelmed by the modernity of this place. The control system is complicated, the robots stand on a platform in the form of a circular grid. Tap the left or right arrow to choose between available planes.

Super Wings mod

Download Super Wings APK mod – The robot plane overcomes the arduous journey of delivering the goods to the recipient

After selecting the desired robot character, the player switches the scene to the receiving area and location information. There was a captain with a big belly holding a parcel box. Behind, there is an open window showing a map of the whole world, gradually zooming into the area you need to go. Once the mission and combat area are understood, the player transforms into the robot’s arms and legs. And officially entered the long race. On the track, there are obstacles such as cars, trams with steps, and barriers, … And there are gold coins arranged on the road. Players must control the character by sliding their hands to the left or right or jumping over or under.

Super Wings mod apk

Robot team

The system of robot planes is diverse, with many characters spoiled for players to choose from. The first character is a red robotic plane called Jett, with the highest flight speed. The Jerome plane is the most dancing airplane in the color blue. With a pointed nose and trendy gold-rimmed glasses. Airplane girl Dizzy is a beautiful pink with cute red heart-shaped decorations. Or the police robot plane with a mix of white and blue. On top, there is a striking red alarm light that fulfills its duty. Characters can also change at the end of a successful delivery.

Super Wings apk

Rich race track

Super Wings APK 4.1.8 journeys are experiences in locations around the world. From Europe to Asia, from America to Oceania. There are children everywhere who want to receive their favorite gifts. Locations are located in major cities such as Osaka, Tokyo, Paris, etc. And to reach these locations, the robot plane must fly through many different routes. From Chinatown with strips of lanterns hanging across the sky. Or underneath the aquarium tunnel there are fish swimming around. Peaceful suburbs of the Japanese countryside. Bustling coastal city with golden sand in the hot sun or pine forest covered with snow.

Super Wings apk free

Diversified transformation

Throughout the player’s path, sometimes difficult obstacles appear. To overcome these roads, players need to transform their aircraft into many different shapes. There are three main character types, the first is the default appearance. It is in the form of a robotic plane with limbs running on the ground. If you reach the area where you need to fly, the character will shrink its limbs and grow wings. Fly in the sky with ease. And if you encounter trucks, trucks, or too dense crossbars. Players can transform into a giant robot, just kicking their legs or swinging their arms can knock cars away.

Super Wings android

On the long road, accompanied by a mini robot flying with the player. It always flies next to the main character, acting as a support pet. Depending on the character of the robot plane that you accompany is also different. With Jett as a green robotic dog running in the air. Dizzy is a yellow robot designed to resemble a bee. And Jerome is accompanied by a red orb with wings. They help players increase strength, keep goods, and collect gold coins. Download Super Wings MOD APK to feel the joy of receiving goods from girls and boys at the end of the road.

How to Download & Install Super Wings MOD APK (Immortal) for Android


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