Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero MOD APK (Unlimited cards, keys) 3.4

Updated on 07/12/2022 (4 months ago)
NameSuper Stick Fight All-Star Hero APK
PublisherOnegame Studio Global
MOD FeaturesUnlimited cards, keys
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero is where heroes are awakened and fought. What’s more unique, you are one of those mighty people. End the terrible chaos with your limitless power. Join the biggest war in the universe with hundreds of famous characters appearing. Show skillful fighting ability and superior intellect in the face of the great forces of the universe. Only the best can win. If ready, join the ranks of the gods today.

Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero is a free game built by Onegame Studio Global from Vietnam. This is a product that is quite popular and loved by many people when it has just been released. What it gives us is exceptionally thrilling action. Like in the story, the moves and vast sources of power are recreated. It also gives us an excellent fighting feeling. Challenge and take your driving skills to new heights. The player’s reflexes have since been further enhanced every time they practice.

Super Stick Fight All Star Hero mod

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Coming to this chaotic world, we first need to choose a representative for ourselves. You can find yourself any hero that suits your interests to accompany you. Next is following the plot, where challengers are waiting there. You will have to defeat these guys, in turn, to advance further in the tournament. During the battle, the player will have to use the move button with the move. Do everything you can to deal the most outstanding amount of damage to your enemies. The rule is apparent if whoever drains the remaining HP bar first will win. It would be best if you played more to develop reasonable control.

Super Stick Fight All Star Hero mod free

Mighty character

Dragon Ball, Naruto, One-Punch Man, Avenger, and many more are here. Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero owns many incredibly familiar characters to us. These characters will be divided into different parts corresponding to their properties. These sections will include Comic, Ninja, Dragon, and Manga corresponding to the genres of stories and movies that you have seen. Each character will have moves that are 100% identical to the strength of the original. You will see Goku using Kameha, Naruto using Rasengan, or Saitama’s destructive punch. With each character’s four different skills, make full use of them.

Power Up

Through each battle, we increase our fighting ability even more. This is not wrong because the mechanics of Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero will be the same. Specifically, you will accumulate bonus milestones at the end of each level up to a certain level. When this accumulation has become a lot, you can use it for upgrades. It would be best to focus on the characters you like to use the most. The higher the level, the more damage, defense, speed, and other stats will increase. Helps you strike more powerfully and overwhelm your opponent early. However, the higher the level, the more gold it costs to reach the new power threshold.

Super Stick Fight All Star Hero mod apk

Intense plot

The plot of Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero is divided into 11 different chapters. The number of levels coming from these chapters is more than 500, from easy to difficult. You will progress from chapter one with easy starts with low-level enemies. Going to the following chapters, the enemy starts to become more dangerous. They will reveal many unique abilities that create more difficulties for the player. You will also discover unexpected circumstances that can happen. Many dark plots and ambitions dominate the power of the characters mentioned. The heroes will have to work very hard to fight the evil villains.

Super Stick Fight All Star Hero mod android

PvP mode

PvP is a mode for players who want to compete to show their bravery. This mode will be divided into seven tournaments with their unique points. You can choose any match with appropriate fighting rules. The system will automatically find random opponents for you to confront. Players cannot know how skilled the person in front of them is. So fighting hard is the only way to have any hope of victory. Everything you have worked hard to resist in Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero mod will have a worthy reward.

Download Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero MOD APK (Unlimited cards, keys) for Android

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5 months ago
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Hi I first want to say that I love this game all around it would be cool to keep unlocking newer characters after purchasing all them but that being said I opened up the game and all my characters I accumulated all disappeared and a small selection of random fighters I don’t even really know are up and less playing modes not sure what happened or why???? Please fix

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