Hunter Assassin MOD APK 1.77.0 (Unlimited Money)

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NameHunter Assassin APK
PublisherRuby Game Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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You will play the role of the character breaking into the bases of crime in Hunter Assassin. Faced with the guards with guns, the player had no assistance other than a knife in their hand. The scenery in the dark, apart from the weapons, they also had lights mounted on them. Can’t use fast-win strategy in this game, look for a chance to take down each target. Hunter Assassin lets you familiarize yourself with how to destroy enemies from behind, if attacking directly kills you, you are likely to be killed by bullets. Like the silent raid, players, in turn, neutralize each location and finish off the gang. If disturbed all of them at the same time will be very dangerous.

The packages are piled up for an advantage. Use it to hide from the killer field of view. They are all equipped with machine guns so if you get attacked, your chances of survival are almost zero. Choose the right time to make the assassins lost their lives without making a sound. Each area has its own number of guards. To get to the next location, you need to make sure all the assassins on guard have been defeated. If you want a direct attack, FRAG Pro Shooter, Tiny Archers are similar games for you to explore.
Hunter Assassin mod

Download Hunter Assassin MOD – Eliminate gang of crime

Organized crime with unknown boxes containing what is inside, but it is not a good item. Play as a character capable of destroying enemies and hiding quickly. This time, make sure one gang boss is removed and all the other packages under control. If this is your first time playing a face-down game, you are not familiar with how to play, don’t worry, Hunter Assassin has the complete instructions. Players learn to approach the safest target and cause enemies to lose their lives. After killing the enemy, there will be times when their comrades find out and you need to quickly hide somewhere and continue to keep them silent forever.

Eliminate all enemies

For each successfully defeated enemy, you will receive an instant bonus. It’s quite similar to the mercenary, but the Hunter Assassin doesn’t give you a choice of weapons. The player must learn to kill at close range and have quick escape skills. Taking advantage of the darkness and the cargo box to make the enemy not detect it, then attack suddenly. You should wait for the enemies to stand apart and attack will be less dangerous than when they are together.

Hunter Assassin mod apk

Choose the killer

The characters in Hunter Assassin have actually experienced assassins ready to perform any mission if they have the money they deserve. Players can choose characters from 3 types Regular, Premium, and Prize Room. You will be added health stats, speed when choosing each character.

Complete missions to receive rewards

Levels will create battles that will make the enemy unable to turn back. Although you have to complete the levels, you should pay attention to some of the requirements to get more bonuses. There is nothing too difficult, some examples like eliminating 50 targets, completing 3 levels …

Hunter Assassin mod download

Act as quietly as possible to bring this underground gang of times into the past. Hunter Assassin gives you a character system with priority on health, movement speed to choose in advance for each level. Download Hunter Assassin MOD to become a cold-blooded assassin that terrifies gangsters.

Download Hunter Assassin MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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