Strike Galaxy Attack MOD APK (Unlimited money) 25.1

Updated 30/03/2024 (3 months ago)
NameStrike Galaxy Attack APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Strike Galaxy Attack

The theme of space is inherently exploited in any entertainment works. Indeed games are also one of such means. Today I would like to introduce to you Strike Galaxy Attack MOD APK (Unlimited money), a viral aircraft shooting game that has been out for a long time. Although his age is not too long, he still has enough charm to make a name for himself. So compared to the countless number of games of the same genre. How can this game still thrive? Together we will search for answers in the stars and planets. Get on the spaceship and start your journey.

Many works of the same genre have recreated the horror and danger of alien life forms. Strike Galaxy Attack APK mod is certainly no exception. We know that in the game, there are many alien races living. The sad thing is that they are not our allies. With their technologies, they are seeking to colonize Earth as their next home. Surely humans wouldn’t be able to let that happen. And the only way to protect this green planet is to stand up and fight.

Strike Galaxy Attack mod

Download Strike Galaxy Attack mod – Defeat enemies in endless space

We have a lot of work to do once we assume the responsibility of protecting this earth. You will be the warriors sent to the front line. Directly face the enemy airships to defeat them. With human future technology, it is now completely equal to or far superior to civilizations. We will fight in the vertical screen of the smartphone. There are enemies on the other side of the screen that will appear continuously and shoot bullets at us. You will use your single finger to fight. Dodging dangerous projectiles can instantly kill you. Shoot your enemies back with the most technologically advanced bullets.

The number of enemies through the levels will increase. That means if we want to defeat, we need to upgrade our strength. There will be many enemies through constant earth defense battles. Just getting a few of their bullets is enough for you to die at any time. So ingenuity is the only key to help you win. Because after those dangerous attacks, it was the giant bosses that were most worried.

Strike Galaxy Attack mod free

Number one technology upgrade

With more than one starship, you can choose from in battle. The collection of spaceships is diverse and completely enough for you to play at any time. Choose the spaceship that suits your enemy or your favourite to get started. After battles and get certain resources. Upgrade them to get more mysterious powers. The secrets behind the spaceships are also told in great detail. Perhaps that is also the reason why they possess such invincible power. However, you will still need help in the most urgent of cases.

Strike Galaxy Attack mod apk free

Collect support power

In those chaotic battles, when killing any enemy, there will be a chance to drop items. It can be food or gold coins that increase your score in the game. Sometimes it will be the tools used to increase the power of the spacecraft. The most popular are tools that increase attack speed, increase the number of bullets. Increased power, speed, extra health, and armor… All of these support tools are very prominent and easily distinguishable. So collect all of them to be able to become invincible for a few short seconds. Maybe it can help you survive the most dangerous boss fight situations.

Tension boss fight

Surely the boss battles will be the thing that makes you most obsessed because of its difficulty level. Although alone, the bosses are always huge in size and have a large amount of health. Not to mention the attacks are also very powerful and can destroy you immediately if not dodged in time. For a few moments, they will become invincible and cannot be damaged. Bet boss battles will be one of your real challenges in Strike Galaxy Attack APK 25.1. Just a small mistake is enough to put our planet in danger at any time.

Strike Galaxy Attack mod apk

The destiny of all mankind depends on you. Only you are the only warrior who can fight the alien civilization. With the most modern man-made battleships. Along with the peak intellectual power to repel the enemy to destroy their intention to invade the earth. Strike Galaxy Attack MOD APK puts you in a context where you become the real hero. Exercise ultimate power to protect humans.

How to Download & Install Strike Galaxy Attack MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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