Revolver Rush MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money) 2.5.1

Updated 01/12/2023 (5 days ago)
NameRevolver Rush APK
PublisherRollic Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Revolver Rush

Revolver Rush MOD APK tests your shooting ability when participating in exciting challenges. You will be tasked with shooting various obstacles from the gate towards you. It is a unique gate that can move objects of different shapes. They can be obstacles that cause you to fail in shooting challenges. But sometimes, it will teleport the bullets so you can collect and shoot the challenge. So, you are tasked with collecting as much ammo as possible and loading it into the pistol in your hand. Get ready for the challenge of using a gun to shoot through obstacles to overcome challenges.

The task you need to overcome in shooting challenges is to prove your marksmanship ability. And the weapon you use to confront the missions is just a pistol with six bullets. With this small amount of shots, you will not be able to destroy approaching obstacles continuously. So it would be best if you collected shells coming from a teleportation gate constantly. But in addition to providing you with shots, you will also see barriers from there. So, you will have to choose between collecting pellets and shooting to get victory. Start your quest to overcome the obstacles with your pistol skills.

Revolver Rush mod

Download Revolver Rush MOD APK – Overcome missions using guns on all levels

You will become a gunman facing different challenges in the new world. That’s where there’s a unique gate that can create bullets and obstacles at the same time. Ammo will be a necessary item for you to use to load your pistol so you can fight. Obstacles are things you need to destroy to prove your abilities. So you have to move continuously between collecting bullets and shooting down obstacles. As the levels increase, your pistol can be upgraded, and you will have more ammo. And try to win to prove you are a great marksman.

Revolver Rush apk

Collect ammo for the pistol

A pistol will be the only weapon you use in shooting talent challenges. You will only have six bullets at the beginning of aiming and shooting obstacle missions. Therefore, you must be as economical as possible and fire shots with the most significant damage. When you break the obstacles, the gate will move and release new bullets. So, it would be best to collect and quickly reload them to continue your challenges. You also need to pay attention to the numbers on shots because they are the damage you can create. Collect lots of ammo for your pistol to shoot through obstacles in Revolver Rush MOD APK.

Revolver Rush mod apk

Shoot the obstacles

It would be best to destroy obstacles in the new world to prove you are a great marksman. With help from the powerful pistol, you can pass the initial levels. But barriers will continue to appear to test reflexes. So it would be best to move flexibly to collect bullets and shoot down blocks. They will seem like targets to challenge your aiming ability. Therefore, besides the ability to shoot guns, you need to calculate the damage you can cause to them. Confront obstacles and show off your accurate shooting skills.

Revolver Rush android

Powerful upgrades

The pistol only has six bullets but can do much damage if you hit them all. In addition, during challenges, you can also collect shells to continue your mission. So you can experience dramatic but also attractive missions. However, it would be best if you still upgraded your strength to overcome new challenges. These include increasing the damage of bullets fired or the number of shots in the gun. In addition, you can also increase your accuracy so you can hit from a long distance. Choose powerful upgrades in shooting challenges and overcome all exciting levels.

Revolver Rush free

Are you ready to face different challenges while holding a pistol? And you will shoot accurate bullets toward obstacles to destroy them. This will prove you are a marksman who can pass any test. However, that still does not help you win because barriers continue to appear. So, it would be best if you continued collecting ammo and quickly prepared for new challenges. Besides, they will become more complex, and you should upgrade to have more power. Download Revolver Rush MOD APK to shoot through obstacles with your marksmanship skills.

How to Download & Install Revolver Rush MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money) for Android


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