Strike Back: Dead Cover MOD APK (Unlimited ammo, god mode, onehit) 1.6

Updated 22/08/2023 (9 months ago)
NameStrike Back: Dead Cover APK
PublisherBrayang Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited ammo, god mode, onehit
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Strike Back: Dead Cover

In a person’s life, peace is the most important thing. Without world peace, it will get worse and will leave us in fear. There are those who are given secret missions to fight and protect freedom. They are special people trained and trained by secret organizations. Carrying in himself the highest mission and responsibility. Experience Strike Back: Dead Cover to transform into the most powerful warrior. Besides, players can download many other games like Bullet Brawl, Crack Shooter.

Simulating a world where human technologies have become very modern. The most advanced weapons created with incredible power. There are many evil organizations that want to annex and take control of this world. As a super-soldier sent on a mission, you will be the one to sabotage their plot. With superbly high-end shooter 3D graphics sharply reproduced in every detail. You will enter a world full of modern technologies and weapons. A future battlefield with beautiful battles. Well worth it for those who are passionate about shooting experience, a chance to show off skills.

Strike Back Dead Cover mod download

Download Strike Back: Dead Cover mod – Fight with the opposition

Enter the world of Strike Back: Dead Cover you will be playing the role of a warrior of the government. The main task is to destroy and stop the evil schemes of terrorists. Control your character to fight them with your weapon. To avoid detection and firepower you will stand in a hidden corner. Use the shoot button so that the character can aim and shoot the enemy. When you run out of ammo you can press the reload button to reload and fight. When your health is low by accidentally letting them attack, use a support item. There is the first aid to help you heal arranged next to the shot button. Use grenades when the enemy is too crowded.

Strike Back Dead Cover mod Android

Countless modern weapons

In Strike Back: Dead Cover will have a lot of weapons for you to choose from. You can find yourself a powerful weapon and worthy to fight. Each weapon will have its own parameters, let’s carefully study these parameters. Avoid buying unwanted weapons that cost you money. The more expensive the weapons, the higher their damage, making it easier to destroy your enemy. When entering the battle you will admire their strength. Combined with skillful combat skills to be able to defeat dangerous enemies. Bring on a glorious victory and complete the assigned mission.

Strike Back Dead Cover mod apk

Advanced suits

Not only modern weapons but also very powerful armor in Strike Back: Dead Cover. These suits can protect you from a lot of damage from enemies attacking you. Each suite will have its own color and design. Their basic specifications will also be different, giving users different advantages. The higher the cost of the armor, the stronger the defense. You can get them by opening the item box or buying them in the store. Equip yourself with the most powerful and beautiful armor that suits your own style. Use them to crush evil enemies in your way.

Strike Back Dead Cover mod free

Last boss challenge

Through countless quests in Strike Back: Dead Cover, have you encountered the final boss yet? Those are the most powerful weapons of the terrorists with destructive power. Created with the aim of taking over this world. Now you will have to stand up to fight them. These bosses all have dangerous skills and extremely large damage. Just hit one of its moves, you can also die. Practice yourself with lots of dodging skills. Carefully equip yourself with the most powerful weapons. Only then can you have a chance to defeat the boss and bring valuable items for yourself.

Strike Back Dead Cover mod game

With these features Strike Back: Dead Cover will give us a better experience. You can play the game even without network or mobile data and ensure gameplay progress. When you accidentally delete the game or lose your mobile device, don’t worry, because all data will be saved on the game’s server. You just need to download and log in again and you can continue your journey. The random rewards in chests will give you a lot of powerful armor and weapons and support items. Download Strike Back: Dead Cover mod now to transform into a future warrior, unleash owning the most powerful and expensive weapons.

How to Download & Install Strike Back: Dead Cover MOD APK (Unlimited ammo, god mode, onehit) for Android


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