God of Attack MOD APK 2.2.5 (Unlimited money, points, honor)

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NameGod of Attack APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, points, honor
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Offline RPG without internet connection? It sounds ridiculous, but it actually exists. A new way for gamers who like to role-play combat but don’t often have an internet connection is God of Attack. A familiar setting, a familiar story. A cast of characters that are not unfamiliar. We have officially entered the world of adventurers. The place where many of the world’s most powerful warriors gather. Protect your kingdom and existence from many evil forces that appear. And also for a part of the profit too. After all, surviving in this world without money is a real nightmare.

Bringing up the theme of hero slaying monsters without me having to mention much of it. Because everyone has experienced too much already. Also talking about the outstanding difference of God of Attack. That’s right, being able to play offline, sounds really great, doesn’t it? There are also very cute Chibi graphics. Even female gamers can try the game to know the attractiveness it brings. Most of the test players gave a very high rating to God of Attack. Would you like to watch the fun with me?

God of Attack mod

Download God of Attack mod – Beat monsters in the most fun way

Indispensable in role-playing games is the hero team. For longtime players. Getting acquainted with the Swordsmen, Wizards, Supporters… Already an indispensable part of the game. It will be very easy for you to get to know them once you have the necessary amount of knowledge. With familiar team play. You will arrange heroes according to certain positions in a squad of up to 4 people. Confront many dangerous and diverse monsters. Explore the exciting world of adventurers in God of Attack.

Of course, the game will have a plot corresponding to the characters for you to learn. Everyone has a different history. The reason why they became adventurers. You can also explore the game world with many bright colors. Not too dark like many other adventure games. The monsters come in different sizes. Strength and race are also completely separate. There are also a lot of mechanics in the game to create reality. Like equipment, kingdom, people, nature… Just like a real fantasy world. Something that only appeared in books and movies.

God of Attack mod apk free

Attack in a different way

For the monster battles of a party. The most essential things are always your hero squad, equipment, standing position, and cohesion. There is one more important thing that will not appear here. It is the character’s Skills, which do not exist in this game. Because they’re not really needed in the game. Your only action is just to click on the monsters so that the heroes attack them with basic attacks, that’s all. In addition, special classes do not attack such as block or heal support. They will automatically do their job of parrying and healing their teammates continuously if they don’t have to fall.

God of Attack mod free

Collect more new heroes

Monsters don’t seem to have mere repetitive powers. Since they are so diverse in species, it is entirely possible to lose a battle because of a monster that counters your team. So if you only use one formation, you will be in trouble one day. Recruit new heroes in the kingdom’s wanted board. Of course, getting them to join your team is not easy. You have to confront and win the heroes in the duel war. After that, you have to spend a certain amount of money to invite them to the team. However, you get what you pay for, owning heroes capable of countering monsters will give you a breather later on.

Destroy the city gate with wisdom

In God of Attack, the gate destruction mode is one of the most popular and enjoyable modes for players. There is a gate placed in front of you. Your main task is by tapping the screen as fast as you can. Unleash basic attacks on the portal for a limited time. Until its health bar decreases and runs out. Then the gate will be destroyed and you will receive many premium gifts. This is a test to see who is the fastest in the game. There are different difficulty levels for you to choose from. Exercise hand agility.

God of Attack mod apk

With many exciting activities in the game world, even playing it anytime, anywhere is extremely simple. God of Attack deserves to be the easiest hack-and-slash RPG for everyone. There are not too many competing elements in the game. It’s all just tap and play, no hassle at all. Anyone can play at any age. And if you are looking for a light action game to relax. Surely God of Attack mod is the most reasonable answer.

Download God of Attack MOD APK (Unlimited money, points, honor) for Android

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