Stone Age MOD APK (Menu/Add Currency) 1.3.1

Updated 18/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameStone Age APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Add Currency
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce Stone Age MOD APK

Stone Age MOD APK will take you back to the Stone Age and take on challenging missions. You will return to the past when transportation was not yet developed. And your goal, then, is to become a leader in establishing transportation routes. It’s your chance to create the world’s first transportation company that serves everyone. But your goal is to become rich, so you collect shipping fees from everyone. You can continue developing your transportation company with the money you earn. Start your journey to create and grow your Stone Age cargo shipping company.

The goal you want to accomplish when you return to the Stone Age is to become the wealthiest tycoon. And with experience from the future, you decide to establish a shipping company. No one has started this business yet, and that’s your advantage. So, build cargo routes and make carts. They will help you transport people’s goods to the places they require. From then on, your transportation company will start operating, and you will start making money. Get ready to use a transportation company that carries your Stone Age customers’ goods anywhere.

Stone Age mod

Download Stone Age MOD APK – Build and own the most developed operating company of the Stone Age

You will start your transportation business career, but not in the modern era. And the time when you built transportation routes was in the Stone Age past. So you will discover a new world with things you have never seen. Those will be strange carts made from wood and stone to transport things. And the transportation paths will not be fixed by any navigational items. It all depends on the ability of ancient people to remember and move in groups. Build past cargo routes and develop into a transportation empire.

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Create routes

Shipping routes will determine the time it takes for goods to reach locations. The shorter their build, the smoother their passenger-cargo missions will be. But there is also another factor that affects your transport during tasks. That is the volume of goods transported and the number of staff accompanying the transport journey. So you need to distribute the right amount of items and staff and create paths. And if managed well, your cargo journeys will end well. Create routes and start cargo transport missions in Stone Age MOD APK.

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Employee system management

You have successfully built different routes to transport goods. These would have been the only transport routes in the Paleolithic period. Therefore, many customers will come to you and use your shipping service. But the number of orders will be huge, and you must hire more support staff. They will help you from receiving shipping requests to delivering goods to customers. From there, your transportation company will go into operation, and you must focus on the management process. Run your cargo company in the Stone Age by managing talented employees.

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Expand your transportation company

The first freight requests you receive will be a milestone in the development of your transportation company. And everyone’s support will help you continue the process of expanding routes. This will give you more different ways to carry the world’s goods. Besides, the number of items will increase, and you must buy more carts. Even though they are only made from stone and wood, they will make transportation easier. But don’t forget to have fun managing and growing your company. Grow your transport company over time and become a wealthy Stone Age tycoon.

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You will participate in a game that simulates exciting business activities. And you will go back to the stone age of the past to make business plans. First, you will build routes to start transporting goods to customers. Carts made from wood and stone will be the means of transportation you use. Besides, the expansion will occur continuously, so you need to hire talented staff. Then, you will simultaneously take on the task of company development and employee management. Download Stone Age MOD APK to become the wealthiest transportation tycoon in the Stone Age.

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