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Updated 16/05/2021 (3 years ago)
NameToca Life: School APK
PublisherToca Boca
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Toca Life: School

For us, every day going to school is a happy day of life. Meet my best friends and play with them. Participate in exciting classes and listen to the teachers’ lectures attentively. Playtime with extremely fun and dynamic activities. The silly pranks of pure and innocent school age. That feeling can’t be found anywhere other than going to school. Come to Toca Life: School together so you can go to school right away.

The game maker created Toca Life: School to educate children on how to go to school. Giving players an objective view of going to school is a pleasure, not a compulsion. A school is a place where we can have fun and be creative. Uncover mysteries that you have never seen before. With simple gameplay and easy to understand for all ages, Toca Life: School will definitely be a good tool for entertainment. Gives you a feeling of comfort and nostalgia with the activities of the game. Stimulate children’s intelligence and creativity in all situations. How to handle a problem with your own path when encountering it.

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Download Toca Life: School – Explore life at school

A school is a wonderful place and you are the student there. Start your school work by getting your school supplies ready and start going to school. At this school you have the right to do whatever you want. A free school with a lot of extremely interesting things. You can touch anything in the classroom as well as in the school. Play around with things you’ve never seen before. Teachers will never and can’t blame you for not needing them. You are the main character of this school, the center of everything here. Be creative and let your imagination fly.

Toca Life School mod apk free

Explore the area

The school has areas such as stadiums, lecture halls, or laboratories. You can absolutely come here and experience the plot of Toca Life: School. A storyline with useful activities in school lessons. Interesting stories of life revolve around a mischievous schoolboy. Efforts to reach the heights of dazzling glory. Help each other to achieve success in life. Make the same study effort to achieve the desired score and be commended. Small some valuable lessons that make us think about this life. Do not miss any place in this school because each place will be a little joy for you.

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Search Treasure

This school looks ordinary, but inside it hides a secret treasure. Mysterious treasures with extremely valuable things hidden in them. You are the one who knows this information after a while of discovery. Gather your best friends to start diving into the most hidden parts of the school to hunt it down. You will find a well-deserved reward for your efforts. Never give up because these treasures are only on the school grounds. They can never run away from you. Search in places like classrooms, labs, or under the podium of a lecture hall. All the places you’ve never been to.

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Attend parties

Going to school, there will certainly be parties organized for students. The extremely large-scale parties prepared by the school will be endless fun. You need to prepare yourself well to impress your friends around. Wear a really colorful outfit that you owned not too long ago. Start rocking the roof and make the party come alive. Become a DJ with top-notch mixing skills creating music that comes to life. Make the person you secretly love remember to fall in love with you. A young talent made the whole party great. Don’t let your friends down, show your personality, and be stylish.

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Awesome lab

The laboratory is the place where scientific knowledge is stored. A place to impart you extensive knowledge of physics and chemistry. There are also chemicals that you don’t know what they are. Without asking the teacher, you just take it and start trying to mix them together. You will get an amazing result. They can change color, creating another substance from the reaction. In some cases, it can have a strong impact and cause the jar to explode. Just explore because none of these people want to blame you. Download Toca Life: School to start an active and exciting student life. Uncover all the mysteries of the school you are studying.

How to Download & Install Toca Life: School APK for Android


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