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Updated 14/08/2021 (3 years ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Steam Town: Farm & Battle

Are you a big fan of city building? So maybe ten thousand never built a town. So you haven’t tried Steam Town: Farm & Battle yet, right? This is a game where you can build a small town. Doesn’t sound very interesting compared to the city. But believe me, it’s only when you experience it firsthand how fascinating it is. Everything was arranged and prepared. Will you now agree to take on the position of village chief to create everything? Do not be confused because all will be solved by your own hands.

With literally a virtual town, you in Steam Town: Farm & Battle will take on the job of a real village chief. You are the creator of everything, building houses, and farms. Take care of people’s lives most completely and perfectly. There isn’t much modern technology, for the main reason that this game is set in a bygone era. Management will also change a lot over time. If you want to feel that difference, playing Steam Town: Farm & Battle is a reasonable choice.

Steam Town mod

Download Steam Town: Farm & Battle mod – Manage a civilized and happy town

From the ruins of an abandoned town, you will have to reorganize everything to make this place beautiful again by destroying abandoned buildings. Replace with different brand new houses. Of course, you must have a certain resource to be able to create them. From buildings, farms, livestock areas… All works for landscaping and production are available for you to do. Arrange them alternately on a small area scale. Later if there are more conditions, then you will expand them later.

Collect resources by cutting down lots of trees to collect wood. Dig minerals to get many precious metals. Then if possible, hire the best builders. The rebuilding of everything will go smoothly if you work hard. Steam Town: Farm & Battle will go through many chapters corresponding to many different stages. The story will change in certain ways. At some point, you will encounter a lot of forces outside the town. As mayor, don’t let that affect the villagers.

Steam Town mod apk

Build everything

Although not as modern and luxurious as the future cities, the town still gives us something very familiar and interesting. From the buildings you build, you can also solidify this. We have farms and fields to grow crops and raise livestock. Many factories produce and consume different types of goods in town. Important mining sites help the town’s economy grow. There is no shortage of shops selling food and supplies for everyone. Everything that works together is fun and filled with happiness. If you can keep it all steady, you’ve succeeded in your first step as mayor.

Steam Town mod apk free

Recruit protection heroes

Aiming to set itself apart from city-building games, Steam Town: Farm & Battle does everything to its name. Always know how to mix construction and combat elements into the game. The mayor can decide to recruit the best warriors of the town. They have many different strengths and class stats. You have to train them until you make a real warrior. The purpose is to prepare for any future emergencies. A warrior will be accompanied by an army of his own. Show the superior strength as well as the fighting style of each person. Choosing who with what duties and roles is the mayor’s job.

Against outside forces

This is your main job while out of town. The majority will be directed to handle the battles on the outside. Mostly due to the appearance of many strange forces that always intend to invade your town. Direct warriors and armies to fight to protect everything you’ve built. If you win, you will receive a lot of good loot. Losing will cost a certain amount of troops. You also have the opportunity to send troops to explore many different places. Explore new lands, invade them to collect many valuable things. Make the town grow more and more into a real kingdom.

Steam Town mod free

Those are some of the main activities you can do in Steam Town: Farm & Battle. There are still a lot of other side activities such as daily quests, side activities in town… But I’ll let you discover them for yourself when you download this game. If you want to try a new and more interesting city building, this game is definitely not to be missed. Let’s fulfill the responsibility of a mayor in Steam Town: Farm & Battle mod.

How to Download & Install Steam Town: Farm & Battle APK for Android


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