Hotel Tycoon Empire MOD APK (Menu, Free purchase) 2.0

Updated 24/02/2023 (9 months ago)
NameHotel Tycoon Empire APK
PublisherHoly Cow Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu, Free purchase
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Hotel Tycoon Empire MOD APK Information

1. Menu
2. Free In-App Purchase

Introduce MOD APK Hotel Tycoon Empire

Hotel Tycoon Empire is a simulation game that helps you own a trillion hotel chain in your hand. Start managing from a small facility and gradually build this place into a powerful empire. Interesting gameplay and idle money making operations make it hard for players to take their eyes off it. As a founder, you start from a small motel in a deserted alley. Developed into a five-star hotel chain with full amenities and shiny decorated rooms. Facilities such as a swimming pool, coffee shop, gym, and massage room, … are indispensable. Upgrade the infrastructure of the hotel building, thereby increasing the appropriate room rate.

If it’s easy at the beginning, it’s hard to get good results, especially in business. Just a spirit of industriousness and enthusiastic customer service. All efforts will reap rewards if the player tries. You follow the guidance of an experienced manager to learn skills. This manager is retired, wearing a green sweater, wearing knowledge glasses. Guide you step by step to familiarize yourself with the events taking place here. A white hand appeared to follow his direction. Just touch the screen to perform the actions inside this game.

Hotel Tycoon Empire android

Download Hotel Tycoon Empire mod – Manage and turn this into a five-star hotel chain that attracts guests

At the beginning, the player is given some free things such as the floor, the floor, the steps, a guest to join, and the bell;… After everything is stable, the player will make his actions and decisions. own determination. Each instruction exchange appears in a yellow square board. Serve satisfied guests in exchange for gold coins, automatically added to your property. A bottom row has avatars of the main action items. Each avatar comes with a name for easy manipulation by players. Just touching these items, the player is redirected to another area or opens other support squares.

Hotel Tycoon Empire apk

Building expansion

How can a small street corner be enough for customers’ crowded visit? After earning money, the player needs to spend an amount for the expansion of his building. From there, it can be divided into many zones, serving many different types of guests. From economy class to business class, customers are willing to pay large sums for service. Depending on your area, you can offer different prices for customers. Budget class with rooms decorated in a neat and normal way. Business class is more decorated from the interior to the waiter. The decorations also exude the luxury of this place.

Hotel Tycoon Empire apk free


Customers visit a lot, work is jammed, what you need to do is to hire more staff for yourself. Each employee who specializes in a certain activity will be better than you holding all the work to yourself. Utility areas also need experienced people to operate effectively. From reception, waiters, cleaning staff, chefs, bartenders, fitness trainers,… They will be the main workers to support you in your hotel management. Recruit this employee, post announcements on forums, and enter the game’s recruitment area. Consider each person’s salary and skills to decide who will accompany you.

Hotel Tycoon Empire mod

Black market

The most important thing is to make the entire customer happy. Only then will you be able to get the full amount they paid. At the same time, the hotel’s reputation also increased thanks to that. But if the work is too difficult and time consuming, players can visit the black market. This place provides you with discreet support activities. But if you choose to buy this support, players also need to be careful. Because black assistance is involved in your hotel has nefarious activities. If you let the police touch your neck and find out, you could be prosecuted and jailed. All the efforts that have been accumulated for so long will be ruined.

Hotel Tycoon Empire mod apk

When the hotel goes into operation stably, you can earn idle money from utilities. Areas such as cafes, swimming pools, massage parlors, gyms, etc. Organize tours that connect the activities inside your hotel. These can all earn you extra income by idle activities. They happen passively, and after a while, they return to collect service fees. Download Hotel Tycoon Empire mod to manage a famous chain of high-class hotels around the planet.

How to Download & Install Hotel Tycoon Empire MOD APK (Menu, Free purchase) for Android


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