Fantasy Island Sim MOD APK 2.13.2 (Unlimited money)

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NameFantasy Island Sim APK
PublisherSparkling Society - Island Village Building Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Own mythical islands, build cities with many different architectural styles. Along with the inhabitants of many races is the dream of those who are passionate about myths. Now we can realize them with Fantasy Island Sim. A city-building and management game. But with completely new and unique fantasy elements. Because you can choose to manage one of many kingdoms. With many races living according to different customs.

Like other city-building games, we need to get enough resources to build the desired buildings. First, choose the tribe you like to own its island. Start the process of building and developing the tribe to become more and more civilized and modern. There will be many problems in rebuilding the island. But if you can overcome it, the results you build will not be small.

Fantasy Island Sim mod

Download Fantasy Island Sim mod – Create your dream island

Start with an island and a small area. The first thing you need to do is build small houses. By the specific amount given, it is the residence of the villagers. Followed by constructions to provide money, such as farms, factories, and laboratories. They will work continuously and produce wood, money for you. You’ll also gain some experience building them. When you have enough experience, you will level up. Help raise buildings to high levels to get more harvest. At the same time, unlock new and complex constructions.

Suppose you are a city decoration lover. Surely you should arrange the architecture so that it is reasonable. Plan according to the roads you build to avoid confusion. Create a real urban with a high aesthetic level. That’s what everyone wants when building big cities. So let’s show off your skills in designing and planning your kingdom so that they are the most beautiful and civilized.

Fantasy Island Sim mod apk

A magical world with racial diversity

Each race that you have selected at the beginning of the game has its own images and characteristics. Each race will bring different myths and missions like pirates on a journey to conquer the world’s mysteries. Monopolize treasures everywhere. Or the troll race that used the barter business as a means of making a living. Dwarves with remarkable strength are characterized by construction work. Or goblins use magic as a common thing in everyday life. All are shown in great detail through each part of Fantasy Island Sim. Make sure you will learn forever without being able to finish.

Fantasy Island Sim mod mod

Set goals when playing games

You can enjoy for the sole purpose of seeing the city and race you like to live in happily and peacefully. Or a larger goal that is to build from a village to a large metropolis. Don’t be afraid of any obstacles. Want to unlock all the most modern buildings for your city? Be active in building and plowing hard. Try your luck on the wheel of fortune. Receive many attractive daily and weekly gifts. Everything is waiting for you to achieve, try and persevere.

Fantasy Island Sim mod android

Explore everything with friends

Managing and building a city alone will sometimes be quite difficult. Mainly due to the lack of resources and human resources for development. So what you should do is invite your friends to participate in this campaign. But of course, they won’t help you directly because they have to be busy with their own city. The best way is to trade goods with your friends. Exchange what they need for what you need. That solved the resource problem without anyone losing. Moreover, in their spare time, you can completely invite them to explore new tribes. Discover more interesting mysteries in the game.

Fantasy Island Sim mod apk free

The most prominent is still the mythological element that is very intelligently inserted into the Gameplay. In addition to the construction genre, urban development is very familiar but not outdated. Fantasy Island Sim did a great job on everything in the game. The approach to players is ingenious when hitting the right tastes of gamers. Want to play fantasy games, but must be in a real-life context in city management. The above words alone are not enough to describe the attractiveness of the game. So I recommend you download Fantasy Island Sim mod to experience it immediately.

Download Fantasy Island Sim MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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