State Takeover MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.0.0

Updated 30/01/2023 (10 months ago)
NameState Takeover APK
PublisherHBVD studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK State Takeover

Lead your country’s army and conquer new lands in State Takeover. You are taking over a newly formed government among powerful and very warlike nations. And to not be assimilated by others, you must quickly expand your country. You will lead the army, go to smaller countries, and proceed to conquer them. You will develop your territory and incorporate more powerful troops if you win. There are a lot of other parts that also want to invade, and you should be on the lookout for them all the time. Create a powerful army in the country and lead them on a quest to expand the territory.

You will enter a new world with many countries founded in one place. However, these countries have no friends, and there are always wars. Countries can send their armies to other countries and launch attacks against each other. If you win, you will gain the territory of the defeated country and become stronger. You must join the territorial war when you have a newly formed government. And you also need to attack other countries while they are not mentally prepared actively. The element of surprise also makes your victory and try to expand your leadership.

State Takeover mod apk

Download State Takeover mod – Win the war to expand the country

Your country is located between many countries and is in danger of being invaded by them. This is a world where people can attack other countries as long as they have confidence in their strengths. You can also attack other countries if you want to expand your territory. Or you don’t want your government to disappear and become part of another country. In any case, the war between countries next to each other is inevitable. The battles will continue until the most vital nation levels them all. So take on your army commanding duty and join the fight for world territory.

State Takeover android

War between nations

This world is surrounded by vast seas and has many countries living together. But between countries, there is constant war, not peace together as you think. The land that can be inhabited is very meagre, and no one wants to share it with other countries. So the war between nations broke out, and only the stronger country could win. Each country is conquered in turn, and your country is in danger of being invaded. So it would be best if you made other invasions to expand your country whether you like it. So establish your nation, lead your army to other countries, and capture them.

State Takeover apk

The power of the country

There are always wars between countries in this world, and only strength is everything. If your country is strong, you can defend it when other countries want to invade. And the power of the country also helps you completely conquer other countries to expand yourself. You only start your country with a weak force, but the army can be strengthened. The troops you lead can be increased if you conquer a nation. Their army will now be yours, and this helps to increase the country’s power. Finally, invade other countries to merge their armies and territories to enhance the country’s capacity.

State Takeover free

Conquer every country

The critical goal when you run your country is to expand the territory. In this world, you will constantly fight with other countries. This not only helps you to protect the land but also the opportunity to expand the government. Mutual conquests between nations are always happening, and do not hesitate to make war. If you procrastinate or fear other countries, your outcome may be only to be invaded. You can take your country’s army to the surrounding countries and overwhelm it to victory. War will not spare you and lead your army to conquer lands.

State Takeover mod

You have taken over the power of a country in the sea world and must be held accountable for it. Any war between nations is possible, and you must find a way to protect the country. Not only do you need to be safe from invasions, but you also need to have an invasion plan. Only by becoming strong will your government be peaceful through wars between nations. The country’s military strength will be enhanced when you finish conquering a territory. But your conquest goal is not just one country but every country. Download State Takeover mod to run your nation to victory in the battle for territory.

How to Download & Install State Takeover MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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