MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.3.6

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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK

From time immemorial, the older men have fought to gain territorial independence. And we also understand that territory is something sacred that cannot be violated. Coming to MOD APK (Unlimited money), you will be immersed in tactical battles. Use your army to protect your beloved environment and your allies. At the same time, he also used strength to seize and seize the sovereignty of neighbouring areas. Unifying the states and unbecoming at the top of the world is your aim. But making this process successful is not easy. It requires you to have top-notch strategic thinking. Can you do it? Try your hand at now.

Developed with quite simple graphics but beautiful tactical gameplay. APK mod is a game full of strategies with fragmented countries. Small islands represent a particular economy and army. The player is responsible for moving the troops shown as small dots on the screen. Drive them to other islands and capture them. This conquest process requires a lot of brainpower to plan well. Fight, gain independence, sovereignty and territory of others to become hegemony. mod

Download mod – Battle of the Strongholds

Initially, you will be provided with a screen stronghold with a small enough army. Your job is to run and conquer other people’s cities. If you win, you will receive that stronghold as a reward. The places you have just captured will again produce more troops to serve your purpose. Use your army resources wisely to become the strongest. For more vigorous opponents, a more intelligent strategy is crucial. They will be an essential factor in winning the glorious victory for you. mod free

Multinational, multiracial

In a battle, many countries will join the fight; however,gh each person has a different skin colour, a national emblem, and a different strategy. But their main goal is all the same: defeat them all and become the strongest. Remember that no one can be trusted in this fierce battle. So you have to build military strength for your own country. From there, creating a foundation to conquer othenationses is easy. But besides building, you must always be careful because the enemy can dump the crate and attack you at any time and spread your territory before they can. mod apk

Talented strategy

A strong army with an abundant number of soldiers is a prerequisite for victory. But of course, you must know how to combine them with top-notch strategic thinking in each battle, the formations will be different, requiring you to be flexible to come up with a new plan. For example, some can be used for reference, such as: Focusing on building a squad and expanding territory or letting other factions fight and stand outside waiting for the right opportunity… These plans are relatively good and If used correctly, you will be the winner. apk free

Various levels

In the first level, you can choose the most straightforward mode is 1v1. Acquaintance a few times, you will understand the rules of the game as well as the correct thinking direction. After you have trained enough, you feel that your ability has improved more than before. So don’t hesitate to take on more significant challenges with more enemies. The difficulty won’t always be at the most superficial level, so you will quickly adapt to the speed. At the same time, the game rate will also increase gradually with the later levels. Practice your fighting mindset better and better; the day you become a world ruler is not far away. android

The world map is quite similar

The maps at APK 1.3.6 are built quite similar to the real world. But remember that any similarity politically, geographically or so on is coincidental. With countries built like the world map, you can probably find your country on it. Invading one’s own country sounds quite interesting. But keep in mind that it’s all simulation and you won’t be held responsible for anything. MOD APK offers players a unique way to enjoy light-hearted strategy. The key here is no longer muscle strength, but the tension of each person’s brain. Only the person with the most extensive, the most prominent brain will win and become the hegemon. Others will have to be submissive and manipulated by a skilled strategist. So what are you waiting for without downloading to participate in these terrifying invasions?

How to Download & Install MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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