Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK 66 (Menu, High Damage/Max Range)

Updated on 19/01/2023 (1 week ago)
NameIdle Monster TD Evolved APK
PublisherSwell Games LLC
MOD FeaturesMenu, High Damage/Max Range
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Menu
2. DMG x1-x100
3. Max Attack Range
4. Always Crit
Activate on Loading Screen or lvl up a tower to activate your choosen Features

Use defense towers and monsters to deter world invaders in Idle Monster TD Evolved. Monsters are always called cruel when they have an ugly appearance and act wickedly. But in this world, they are the invasion victims when accepting the enemy. Those people are none other than humans who always consider themselves the strongest. They want to invade the monster planet because it is full of everything humans can exploit. Humans have expressed their unrelenting malice and come to the aid of the monster. Dare to fight for justice and bring justice to the demons who only want to protect their place.

The monster world accidentally fell into the attack zone of the world invaders. They want to expand the land to live in and find more resources to develop independently. That selfishness doesn’t get the world’s approval, but they ignore everything. The worlds of many creatures are still invaded and mercilessly destroyed by humans. Now the world of monsters is also in danger, and you must stand up to stay safe. Set up towers to defend monsters against humans and limit their ability to invade. Protect the peaceful nightmare world from the brutal and barbaric invasion of humans.

Idle Monster TD Evolved android

Download Idle Monster TD Evolved mod – Accept the task of protecting the monster world.

Humanity with unrelenting malice has come to invade the planet of powerful monsters. But even with strength, monsters still fail before the technology brought by humans. However, you find the pointlessness in this battle and decide to help the monsters. And your actions will soon be proven right when the monster is very grateful for it. They will cooperate with you to protect the monster world, not take revenge. You get the human way of fighting and will help the monster respond to the human invaders. Bravely step out for monster justice and find a way to stop humanity from taking over the monster planet.

Idle Monster TD Evolved apk

Defensive monster system

There are monsters everywhere, and that is the best tool to stop humans. The more powerful the monsters, the help you lot in your battle plan. You will build monster units on towers and use them to stop the humans. Monsters will emerge from the dungeon one by one and always take on the quest according to your instructions. As long as they can protect their world, the defense shouldn’t be a problem. However, the invading human race will not easily miss the target and be prepared. Therefore, always pay attention to upgrading the monster defense system and stopping the humans outside.

Idle Monster TD Evolved mod apk

Monster unlock

These world monsters seem endless, and you can constantly discover that. This promises to make your journey to protect the monster world even more enjoyable. You will continuously unlock unique monsters and put them on the human defense tower. They can be mythical dragons or bloodthirsty demons. Despite their ferocious appearance, their only goal is to keep their world safe. So this war is caused by people’s selfishness and conquest of everything. Unlock the monsters of this world and add to the monster defense system.

Idle Monster TD Evolved mod

Humans challenge

The human invasion has turned this monster planet into more ruin than ever. Humanity has not yet understood this world but hastily attacked and invaded everything. So monsters must stand up and protect their world thanks to the world’s monster system. However, this will not be easy because humanity always has a plan when encountering obstacles. They divided the invaders into many places on the map and organized the attack flexibly. You can stop the invasion in time if you discover the challenging maps. Instead, use your enthusiasm and change the monster world’s human-invaded outcome.

Idle Monster TD Evolved mod apk

Because of a lack of materials, humans decided to explore and invade the world. The monster planet is also attacked by humans and won’t be able to resist for long. But you realize the pointlessness of this war and decide to help the monster planet. You use the number of monsters available worldwide and set up a defensive monster system. Humans would be unable to overcome this system if the monsters were determined to protect the world. Moreover, you also have to unlock more monsters because humans will not give up easily. Download Idle Monster TD Evolved mod to help the monsters against humanity invade the world.

Download Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK (Menu, High Damage/Max Range) for Android

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