Staff! – Job Game MOD APK 1.2.9 (Unlocked/Unlimited money)

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NameStaff! – Job Game APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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V1: Unlocked items.
V2: Unlimited money.

We only live once, let’s live to the fullest without any regrets. It is a saying that we still talk to each other. But surely all of us have thought about the price like we can go back in time to do something again. Surely everyone will have regrets, also make mistakes. And then we hope to go back in time to change. But that is not possible, because we are living in reality. Everything we have done cannot be changed anymore. But you can do that thanks to Staff! – Job Game, a life simulation game.

Like other games of the same genre Staff! – Job Game assumes things, things, and events that take place in everyday life. In the game, you will play the role of an employee performing familiar tasks that still take place in real life. These are very simple jobs like cleaning the house, taking care of pets or maybe waitress in restaurants, fire and many other jobs. Besides Staff! – Job Game also designs the whole house, where you can comfortably arrange and decorate, improve your life.

Staff Job Game mod apk

Download Staff! – Job Game mod – Revive life in its own way

Is a Staff simulation game! – Job Game describes life according to the evolution of time length. Players will have to solve different problems every day. And you have to deal with it quickly. In the game, you have to work hard to complete various missions. Results of virtual life in Staff! – The Job Game will be decided by your thoughts and actions. Therefore, take advantage and seize golden opportunities to change your life.

Staff Job Game mod apk 1

Build your dream house

Staff! – Job Game designs a house where your everyday life takes place. This is where you will experience the exciting things in life. Enjoy fun every day. Here you must arrange, clean your house, maintain a tidy, clean environment. As well as looking for more items to decorate your house. By completing your quests you will earn an amount. Then you can use it to upgrade your house. The place where you live will become more lively and new under your hardworking and active hands.

Character creation and simple gameplay

Design by Staff! – The Job Game is not too fussy. The characters are simply funny cartoon Stickman. In return is the intuitive style, dynamic gameplay combined with unique game mechanics. In Staff! – Job Game players become busier through jobs. The game motivates the player to act in accordance with the logic of everyday life. Staff! – Job Game offers many different levels of play, each detail. Each action has its own storyline. And the outcome depends on your own thoughts and how you handle the situation.

Staff Job Game android


Besides the daily essential activities, the relationships are also staffed! – Job Game put into operation. The player’s life is not only confined to space in a house anymore. Players will meet and interact with people. It could be in sales, exchanges, or even emotional relationships. You can look for a partner, build lasting relationships like finding a partner. Your virtual life becomes more interesting in their appearance.

Staff Job Game mod free

Finance ownership

Money is the means to help exchange goods in real life. That is why the logic of the real Staff! – Job Game also uses the currency element in its simulation game. Through the completion of quests, you will earn a certain amount of money. Thanks to that, your finances are increased. You can use them for different purposes such as buying, selling, decorating, building more for your cosy house… It is important for the player to know how to balance their income and expenditure properly. Because the amount of money you can earn is limited. If you don’t know how to manage your expenses, you will be wasted. Hard work is the only way to increase your income to improve your life.

Staff Job Game mod android

Orientation for life

Although it is just a virtual game but with the ability to describe close to reality, Staff! – Job Game has given players a more serious and positive outlook on life. Through the game, we understand more and more that our life is good or not depends on the actions of each person. Every thought, every gesture contributes to the outcome of life. In the game, you can play again if you lose but in real life not. We only live once. Positive thinking and doing the right thing are the message Staff! – Job Game wants to convey.

Although it is a fairly simple way to play, not so that Staff! – Job Game is less attractive. Try to experience everyday life in different ways through Staff! – Job Game. You will have enjoyable experiences and a relaxing time. Download Staff! – Job Game mod enjoy life in your own way.

Download Staff! – Job Game MOD APK (Unlocked/Unlimited money) for Android

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