Fantasy Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited money/God mode, Damage) 0.39

Updated 13/07/2023 (3 months ago)
NameFantasy Heroes APK
PublisherBARS interactive
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/God mode, Damage
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Fantasy Heroes MOD APK Information

1. High DMG
2. God Mode
3. Unlimited Gold*
4. Unlimited Diamonds*
5. Unlimited Runes*
*Increase when you spent

Introduce Fantasy Heroes MOD APK

Does the natural world make you feel tired and bored with everything around you? If yes, then come to Fantasy Heroes, where everything you imagine is real. Transform into heroes with outstanding strength and fighting ability. Confront countless enemies and dangerous creatures from the dark. Explore new lands with lots of magic existing and growing. Surely there will be nothing better than this precious adventure.

When you hear the term RPG, you will surely know this familiar game genre right away. Fantasy Heroes is a game full of elements of that genre. It allows players to use the character they represent to operate. The details and sound are perfected in the best way to bring realism. Along with that is a beautiful and stable 3D graphics experience. You will feel like you are there yourself.

Fantasy Heroes mod

Download Fantasy Heroes mod – Companion with the most powerful heroes

The first step to coming to this world is to choose one of your favorite character classes. You’ll then start with the instructions needed to get familiar with the controls. For a more straightforward goal, get the assigned tasks on the list. Each time you pass the copies, the player will receive a reward. In the process of fighting, you need to use the abilities you have to fight more smoothly. The use of skills will maximize the strength of the character. Make it easier to defeat enemies by dealing damage or healing. Let’s build the power of the characters in your direction.

Fantasy Heroes mod apk

Various characters

With Fantasy Heroes, you will have six different character choices with unique abilities. Each character brings a fighting style that can surprise you. For example, Knight has severe melee damage and can hit enemies in hand-to-hand combat. Elves can attack from a distance to support teammates ahead. But what’s more special, you can choose up to three different characters to form a team. During the battle, you can switch between these characters to control at any time. Using different roles in combat will help maintain the situation much better.

Fantasy Heroes mod free

Upgrade warriors

To make the characters in the team more substantial, it is impossible to ignore the power upgrade for them. When entering the information section, you will see their stats are fully recorded. There are two main parts to upgrading, each person’s skills and talents. In which skills can be elevated by consuming resources you obtain. The skills are only limited to the level of the current warriors. The talent score is a bit different, and it is the basic stats of the hero. As your level increases, you will receive a small amount of this point. Distribute them properly to boost your stats.

Fantasy Heroes mod apk free

Search for equipment

In addition to upgrading characters, you still have other ways to make them even more robust. That is to use specialized equipment suitable for each person. Each character class will have things like helmets, armor, or weapons that only they can use. These weapons are also classified according to their strength and level. The higher the status and the rarity, the stronger the stats obtained. When you are awarded a few more force points enough required suits, including those in power, you will use, you can participate in the wheel of fortune or challenge the boss on a difficult level.

Fantasy Heroes mod android

Challenging dangerous people

The gates that you participate in are not just ordinary weak monsters. There are also rulers of those areas waiting for you to come to fight. These people with destructive power can quickly annihilate anyone who trespasses on their territory. One of the most potent bosses is the Balrogs or fire dragon. If your strength is not enough, it will be easy to be wiped out by them in just a few hits. But if you have enough power but do not fight intelligently, you can also lose. The rewards for those who could defeat them were countless precious legendary items.

Come to Fantasy Heroes mod right away if you want to find out your limit every day. Always looking for ways to become stronger with adventures. Open up new horizons with many mysteries that I have never witnessed.

How to Download & Install Fantasy Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited money/God mode, Damage) for Android

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2. Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.
3. Install and enjoy


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