Idle heroes – afk 2d game rpg MOD APK 1.0.4 (Unlimited money)

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NameIdle heroes – afk 2d game rpg APK
PublisherHabe Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Idle heroes – afk 2d rpg game gathers heroes who have an incredible attraction to players at first sight. At first, the game with simple turn-based gameplay alternates between you and your opponent. Entering the automated world will be very interesting, creating random un-staged matches. You will encounter many different opponents in the arena, and each participant is a surprise. Playing the characters are heroes specializing in saving the world; they have a funny appearance. They seem small at first, but you discover many new things when you explore them. Their strength was also gradually revealed, becoming more muscular and ready to fight.

Idle heroes – afk 2d rpg game divided into two opposite schools. On one side are famous heroes and shamans; on the other are dead mummies and mobile skeletons. Those opponents appear in large numbers at once, overwhelming your spirit. You must be careful with many formidable enemies and combine with teammates to create miracles. Many other characters with the same mission you are waiting to be called have also carefully prepared everything. Because they are like-minded people, their thoughts are similar. Discuss, and unite to deal with the demons floating in the middle of life.

Idle heroes afk 2d game rpg apk free

Download Idle heroes – afk 2d game rpg mod – superheroes fight aggressive enemies

This game is considered the perfect choice if you are passionate about role-playing situations that combine action. Inside there are many secrets to exploit, like the way you are dropping yourself into the character. As cosmic heroes, you will shoulder great responsibility in this new adventure. Appearance is the first job that needs you to set up and choose the hero you like best. That decision can affect your fate later; consider it carefully. The story attached to each person is entirely different, challenging with many tasks that will reveal your personality. Compete against skeletons that can move in the dark.

Immerse yourself in the hero you love

According to the role-playing game, when participating in the Idle heroes – afk 2d rpg game, you will be able to choose a character. Take a look at the overview and turn your heart towards the cosmic superhero of your dreams. All of them are depicted in various colors, and their eyes and abilities are all equal. A treasure trove of warriors for you to choose from; take a turn and stop at the appropriate destination. You get to hear quality introductions about them, reviews, and foresight. When you first own a character with a distance, there is no common ground. But with the spirit of sociability, you quickly adapt and upgrade them to become stronger and stronger.

Join the battle directly with the enemy

The Idle heroes – afk 2d rpg game generates random matches with a modern system. With this feature, players will not be repeated the past challenges. That also shortens the time when players wonder how to choose. From here, you can play more quickly and enjoy many surprises. Since counterattacks are turn-based, each player is allowed to shoot once. Take turns, and fight until you find a winner. When you stop for a beat, it’s also time to find a better way to fight your opponent. Observe the health of both sides, and come up with a clear strategy to defeat the evil corpse.

Idle heroes afk 2d game rpg mod

Forming a super team of the universe

The way to change the boring atmosphere when playing independently is that players have the right to create their teammates. People of the same strength will join a side together sublimate the heroic career. Through the story that Idle heroes – afk 2d rpg game has built, you have a sympathetic look with other characters. Gather them together to fight, collecting loot along the way. Doing that will help when you need to upgrade the superhero team. Take them to the heights of power, and become the best team in the universe. Fully equipped with weapons, utilize each character’s talents to become the best leader.

Idle heroes afk 2d game rpg apk

Idle heroes – afk 2d rpg game revolves around the activities of heroes; they have eminent personalities to humans. Their journey of making their mark is supported by you, painting fond memories of their existence in this world. During the matches, their outbursts are captured with stunning footage. Work hard every day fighting different demonic forces, gradually raising higher ranks. The initiative in matchmaking makes you overwhelmed and unable to adapt in time. But, the surprise is always a factor that creates attraction in enjoying the game. Download Idle heroes – afk 2d hero role-playing rpg game, team up with teammates to erase mobile skeletons from history.

Download Idle heroes – afk 2d game rpg MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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