Sonic Forces MOD APK (Menu/Speed/God mode/Earn 100 Rings) 4.23.0

Updated 05/12/2023 (2 days ago)
NameSonic Forces APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Speed/God mode/Earn 100 Rings
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Sonic Forces

Join Sonic and friends in the never-ending race to your limits from Sonic Forces. Sonic is a famous brand that has accompanied gamers in many games over the past few decades. The distinctive appearance of this super-fast blue hedgehog can be easily recognized. Once again, he is back to race with his friends. Sonic Forces is an endless running game. You will run until you can no longer overcome the obstacles. Get the highest score and challenge players around the world.

The endless running game is a genre where the player will control a character. That character will run continuously on an infinite path. There, the surrounding scenery and obstacles will appear and change constantly. It makes the player have to manipulate to avoid the obstacle fields and keep moving forward. There is no destination on this road. The goal of the game is to get the highest score. If hitting an obstacle, the character will stop and complete one of his runs. Sonic Forces is based on the exact details of this game genre. Some things will be changed to be more relevant and attractive.

Sonic Forces mod

Download Sonic Forces mod – Find your limit by running fast

Accompany Sonic, who is famous for his extremely fast speed and always uses it to defeat the evil scientists. This time he won’t do it again. Instead, use your speed to run on the endless track. Dodge the obstacles on the way with your finger. Use skills to speed up and bypass the environment. Get the highest score to surprise your opponents. In addition to Sonic, we can also control other equally familiar characters. Use more items to create an advantage while running. The terrain is not only flat but constantly changing. It will greatly affect your concentration when running.

Sonic Forces mod apk

Get a new companion

Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge… All are Sonic’s memorable friends and rivals. You can have it all to choose from and run on the track in Sonic Forces. Each character has three basic stats. That is, speed, acceleration and endurance. Speed ​​represents how fast the characters are when running in a normal state. The higher the acceleration, the shorter the time it takes to recover from a collision. An individual’s endurance also affects the objects on the track. Look for resources and upgrades for each character. They will gain more stats and run longer on the journey.

Sonic Forces mod apk free

Collect familiar items

Indeed you no longer feel unfamiliar with the legendary gold rings or red stars. They are collectable and multi-purchase items. Both of these things have appeared in many Sonic-related games. And once again, it’s back on Sonic Forces, acting as currencies. Use gold rings and red stars to unlock new characters. Buy resources to upgrade in the shop. And to pay tribute to their role. You will collect them on the run. They always appear in an easy-to-see position and have an almost limitless number.

Dramatic online confrontation

Besides running offline, Sonic Forces also has a mode to confront other players. You and any player will appear on the same track. Each person will run on their path as usual. Until someone is hit and touched and left behind, they’ve lost. The rest continue to run until there is only one person left. The last person will be counted as the winner with a reward. This is an exciting race because it challenges the reflexes of each person. Are you confident you will win this challenge? Advance to the world racing rankings is extremely dramatic.

Sonic Forces mod free

Sonic was and will always be considered one of the most famous icons in video game history; if you love this agile blue hedgehog, then why not join the endless race of Sonic Forces. This place converges a lot of familiar characters, and you will run with them. Earn more iconic gold rings to unlock characters. Practice reflexes in a memorable and addictive way through Sonic Forces mod. Download now to play with friends wholly free and with many attractive incentives.

How to Download & Install Sonic Forces MOD APK (Menu/Speed/God mode/Earn 100 Rings) for Android


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