Smash Kingdom MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.7.3

Updated 13/11/2021 (2 years ago)
NameSmash Kingdom APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Smash Kingdom

Gamers are always the perfect choice for those who want to challenge their intellect. Smash Kingdom will satisfy these gamers. With the giant slingshot on the wall, solve the problem of destroying all enemies quickly and smartly. Enemies will constantly appear and threaten your survival. Absolutely do not neglect any moment if you do not want to be defeated. We have the advantage at the top, but how to use that advantage depends on your own tactics. Ready to defend the kingdom from the invasion of monsters.

Your Smash Kingdom is facing a serious crisis. All the monsters are intending to invade the kingdom. They have managed to sneak into places in the castle. What was even more disturbing was that all the warriors were fast asleep. There is no way to let them fight, only you. You are the only hope to help the Smash kingdom out of this dangerous situation. Using the giant slingshot, fight against all the forces of monsters.

Smash Kingdom mod

Download Smash Kingdom mod – Slingshot to protect your kingdom

Combining real-time combat and a complex card system, Smash Kingdom is the perfect strategy game for you to learn clever tactics. You have to do to protect your kingdom. Please do not make it possible for any enemy to penetrate inside. That’s why you’ve been provided with giant slingshots. They were used to shoot warriors down where there were monsters. They will fight and defeat them to bring back the bounty. Over time the number of monsters will be denser. Building an army to defeat them is also a problem you need to consider.

When you win the game screen, you will also receive rewards. Collect many new warriors with different powers. Sometimes new magic creates interesting effects. With the massive amount of soldiers and spells, it’s possible to create much different gameplay without getting boring. It comes with a lot of different game modes for you to enjoy. Each of them will bring more interesting mechanics and gameplay. It all revolves around the slingshot and the enemy.

Smash Kingdom mod apk

Upgrade brave warriors

The warrior card is designed simply. They all have different power stats. Use certain cards on multiple levels. Each time you use the sling to shoot, you summon a warrior on the battlefield. Depending on the role of the warrior, the power caused will be different. There are also marginal support warriors but no less important. One thing to upgrade the warriors is the artifact. Get from the victories of many different game modes. Without artifacts, warriors will not be able to maximize their strength. Pay attention to the artifacts you can get to create a unique fighting style.

Smash Kingdom mod apk free

Experience many special modes

It seems that Smash King is working very hard in showing the attractiveness of many modes. When there are many different attractive modes in the game, you will be fighting many small monsters and giant bosses. They have tremendous damage and power but will still have a characteristic weakness. Or modes like Defense and Attack are opposite. You will attack the enemy or defend the fortress from large-scale invasion. These modes will make you never tired of coming with many encouraging rewards. Just like that, it was possible to entice and challenge many different gamers.

Smash Kingdom mod free

Flexible coordination

Interacting with other players in the game is probably far superior to many other games. Smash Kingdom lets you comfortably fight different players in PvP. Or cooperate with them in many all-out battles to defeat the enemy. Overall, interactivity is a lot and can be seen in any battle. From there, your relationship and level will be significantly improved—more opportunities to compete on the leaderboard. Thinking about tactics and battles also changed markedly. Because of that comfort, the game can be played in any form as long as you are always ready to defend your kingdom.

Smash Kingdom mod mod

Take the goalkeeper element to a new level and have a distinct appeal. Smash Kingdom is not for those who don’t want to learn a lot of tactics and hassle. It’s no different than great puzzles that challenge people of great intelligence. It’s not easy to defend the kingdom with just a sling. But not easy doesn’t mean impossible. Be ready to fight at any time to show your talented tactical mind in Smash Kingdom mod.

How to Download & Install Smash Kingdom MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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