Wings of Heroes MOD APK 1.0.2 (Menu, infinite ammo, no reload)

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NameWings of Heroes APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, infinite ammo, no reload
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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An action game unleashed fighting in the vast sky called Wings of Heroes. Combination of the most powerful aircraft from the second world war. Become one of the most skilled pilots in the second world war. Enter the epic and vivid 5v5 battle between the smoke and bullets. Soar from secret bases where empires choose to store weapons. The battle area stretched across a vast sea. Deserted islands or ancient cities can be completely destroyed. Many planes from different empires created many colors in the sky.

First, your planes are placed in a lobby of a skyscraper. After selecting the aircraft, the player wants to control, click the battle button to begin. After flying into the vast space, the plane will fly in a straight trajectory. The left side has a shirt button that moves left and right or up and down. Or simply tilt the machine to be able to create tilts. And dodged the incoming bullets. On the right, there is a picture of a missile cluster, which is the key for you to drop the bombs down. Or launch rockets that shoot at enemy planes. Enemies hit by the missile caused an explosion in the sky, sending a thick cloud of black smoke.

Wings of Heroes android

Download Wings of Heroes mod – The air battle takes place in the vast sky between fighters

Collect a lot of fighters to build an airplane garage that many people admire. When fighting, all player and enemy stats are displayed on the screen. There is a radar in the upper right corner to track enemy flight positions. Whenever there is an enemy plane approaching you, the radar will signal and light up. The number of your aircraft and the enemy is about the same. So whoever gets all the planes shot down first is the loser. In addition to the 5v5 battle mode, there is also a mode to destroy the enemy base. Throw bombs or grenades at key locations to confuse the enemy team.

Wings of Heroes apk

Many aircraft models

Whether in a situation of bombing or combat, players should also remember that. You are in the second world war, which means there are no modern planes here. Instead, there are WW2-era fighter models. Moss green military planes painted with sharks’ molars. Airplane pattern with black, blue and white stripes. There is a red circle nested in a blue circle appearing on the two wings of the plane. The plane has a patchy patch with four propeller tips on either wing. Most are dark moss green or similar to easily hide in the woods.

Wings of Heroes mod apk

Upgrade the plane

In addition to their flying skills, players can upgrade the aircraft’s stats to increase the winning rate. Monitor the aircraft’s stats while the plane is returning to the garage to rest. In Wings of Heroes, you will not be able to upgrade the whole plane but will upgrade each indicator. Such as upgrading the engine to increase speed, and climbing ability. Upgrading warheads increases the number of missiles fired per turn. Refine the aircraft’s materials to reduce damage when hit by enemy bullets. Maintain the propellers to be flexible during flight and to prevent the aircraft from deviating from orbit.

Wings of Heroes apk free

Game mode

With four main game modes for players to explore. Includes Domination mode, Ace Mode Domination, Dogfight, Annihilation. In domination mode, the player controls the plane to capture and keep control of all the control points to win. Ace Mode Domination is more difficult when the aircraft’s auto-aiming mode is disabled. Must aim correctly. But in exchange for XP, experience and rewards in this mode are the most epic. Dogfight mode is a 5v5 direct battle mode between the player and the enemy team. Annihilation mode wins when the player destroys all enemy control points without killing all the planes.

Wings of Heroes mod

There are many maps in Wings of Heroes waiting for players to explore. From region to region, weather and time are different from place to place. Sometimes it is flying over a large desert under the hot weather of tens of degrees. Or under a rainstorm with limited visibility but over a large sea. Countless islands are covered with dense forests. Learn to be a powerful fighter pilot in the sky. Go with teammates to raise air combat morale. Download Wings of Heroes mod the intense air battle at WW2.

Download Wings of Heroes MOD APK (Menu, infinite ammo, no reload) for Android

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