Brother Squad MOD APK (Menu , ESP/Unlocked/High Damage) 3.1

Updated 19/09/2022 (1 year ago)
NameBrother Squad APK
MOD FeaturesMenu , ESP/Unlocked/High Damage
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce Brother Squad MOD APK

Brother Squad is a side-scrolling shooter modeled after the classic Contra concept. You will have the choice to become one of the Metal Commando warriors or one of the elite mercenary armies. When the world is going through peaceful days without a ripple. Then suddenly, a ship with a strange shape flew down from the vast sky. Stepping down are all green alien monsters. They were wearing protective clothing and holding guns. Sweeping the entire earth. Each laser shot they fired destroyed all the trees and villages. People were also shot to death if they encountered these monsters.


After researching the information, they found out that they are alien military forces. With the name Alien Forces – this is the important force that you need to destroy. They distributed many armies scattered all over the earth. Each army has a different attack style. Therefore, players also need to change their tactics after each game screen. Players also need to run, move around the screen to attack and destroy the opponent’s defense. Players can completely join their teammates to fight these youkai. They only carry the military name to easily manipulate neighboring planets.

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Download Brother Squad mod – Save the world from alien Alien Forces

When fighting an enemy, you stand in front of them. Holding the gun, the scope is determined to be placed on the enemy’s body. Depending on the level and location, the youkai will have different shapes. An army of gathered alien army. Or a giant red assembly with the control of two baby monsters. When participating in the war, in addition to the main operations, there are two special operations used to support the player. One is to throw a green bomb with a skull image at the enemy. The second is a flying ball with two scopes that shoot bullets. Each time it will fire a huge fireball at the enemy, and only 60 seconds to use a support.

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More than 20 types of weapons

The key weapons of the mercenaries and warriors are modern guns. Brother Squad’s arsenal includes M4A1, AK47, M249, Shortgun – the best gun to wipe out alien hordes. And there are many other guns that can help your survival. Each weapon is marked with combat stats in the inventory section for players to track, like the legendary green Tesla Rifle. With an attack stat of 148, the sparking speed is 0.38s. Each gun can also be upgraded to level 10. In addition to convenient compact guns, Brother Squad also offers bunkers with barrels that shoot fireballs.

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Many different levels of play

The main interface Brother Squad opens up a continent with six different lands. Each region corresponds to a dominant color representing the topography of that territory. Stage 1 green represents the forest area. Stage 2, in dark gray, is the quarry area. Stage 3 is yellow and has a pyramid shape representing the desert. Stage 3 is purple, with asphalt roads representing residential areas. The white stage 5 is the snow and ice area. The remaining brown color of the volcanic area is stage 6 – the last stage. In each stage, there are trim levels from difficult to easy. After completing a stage, the player can open the next stage.

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Various heroes

As you know, there are two choices for you: Metal Commando warrior or Mercenary mercenary detachment. These are the two fundamental forces in the army fighting against the strange youkai. In terms of appearance, the Metal Commando warrior is dressed in a modern green suit. Suit from the future with gloves and support equipment. Upgrade them to increase the player’s combat stats. As for the Mercenary mercenaries, they were dressed more simply with a green tank top. Pocket pants for grenades and sniper rifles. They wear red scarves to show their determination to defeat the enemy.

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The rewards to the warriors are also very generous. In addition, gold, silver, and red diamonds won after each win. Brother Squad also creates leaderboards of achievements. If the player reaches some of the milestones in this table, additional red diamonds will be won. Maybe buy five guns, upgrade five times a glove,… Plus, hunt a lot of different bosses to practice shooting skills. There are robots that look like red spiders, blue airships, or bosses with four legs and sharp horns. Download Brother Squad mod to participate in the war sweeping the alien army of Aliens.

How to Download & Install Brother Squad MOD APK (Menu , ESP/Unlocked/High Damage) for Android

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