Sky Warriors MOD APK (Menu/Speed 2x) 4.17.12

Updated 28/06/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameSky Warriors APK
PublisherWildlife Studios
MOD FeaturesMenu/Speed 2x
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Sky Warriors

Welcome pilots to the air battle with Sky Warriors. Fly fighter planes into the vast sky. Choose your plane, and participate in PvP battles with players around the world. Steady the steering wheel and flexibly avoid the bullets and rockets heading towards you. The main task here is to destroy all the aircraft of the opposing team. Protect your national honor, resources, and territory. Whenever there is an enemy close to you or a missile flies close to you. Two red alarm lights appear on either side of the display. If you can’t avoid it, your plane will explode, emitting a black smoke.

Set in the future twenty years later, warlords battle each other for supremacy. Join the challenging and tough 3v3 head-to-head combat. One side is attacking and the other is defending. As a mercenary, take the territory for your lord. With quite simple operation whether you are a newbie or not. There is a hexagonal virtual steering wheel on the left hand side that allows players to control the aircraft to move. On the right hand side is the operation to shoot rockets and the column to increase and decrease the speed. The fire button is shaped like a rocket or the type of ammo that the player uses. The cylindrical speed column has a pull up or down button.

Sky Warriors android

Download Sky Warriors mod – Air battle for territory for your lord

The speed and altitude of the aircraft are always changed according to the speed of the aircraft. There is a map in the upper right corner of the screen. Here players can track the location of your aircraft as well as the enemy. The player’s plane group will be the blue arrows. The enemy’s are red arrows. Most of the war took place in the sea, below the sea there are islands covered with grass. If there is no map, it is very difficult for players to fly up and down and search for planes. In the distance, there are translucent white buildings. Indicates the location of the city and the enemy base.

Sky Warriors apk free

Upgrade the plane

Want the fight to go quickly and achieve a higher win rate? Players need to upgrade their aircraft’s stats. Consists of five main parts: cockpit, engine, weapon, wing, and god. Inside, each section includes four fixed stats required for a fight. The four stats include the aircraft’s stability, attack power, speed, and balance. The higher these stats, the more powerful your fighter. To upgrade the stats, players need to use gold. If you want to upgrade faster, players need to use diamonds to speed up this process.

Sky Warriors apk

Aircraft Army

Sky Warriors provides players with a fighter garage with many different designs. The fighter planes are completely simulated compared to real life fighters. The F14 aircraft from the UK is painted in army green. On the side is a flag symbol and images of stars and military symbols. Or the F35-Lighting II aircraft has a fairly simple design, black with red cockpit glass. The aircraft Mig- 23 Flogger with ballast color paint with red specifications is painted on the fuselage. Players can also change the color of the planes according to their wishes.

Sky Warriors mod apk

Battle mode

Sky Warriors offers two main modes of combat and defense. Depending on the wishes of the player, one of these two modes can be selected. In combat mode, the player will control the plane towards the enemy base. Shoot down all the opponents and take their territory and make it yours. As for the defense mode, the player mainly flies around his territory. Shoot down all enemies that try to invade your territory. Sky Warriors also provides players with many different battle terrains. Islands in the middle of the ocean. A large desert with canyons as a place to avoid enemy fire. Volcano with molten lava.

Sky Warriors mod

In particular, each battle is also timed, limited to 5 minutes. If this time period expires, neither side can destroy the other side. The battle will automatically end, and the player is out. Because of the time limit, players need to upgrade the stats as quickly as possible. Speed ​​and strong firepower will make the fight end quickly. Notice and calculate the enemy’s flight path to aim properly. Download Sky Warriors mod opens the air battle between the lords occupying their territory.

How to Download & Install Sky Warriors MOD APK (Menu/Speed 2x) for Android


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