Last Island MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.8.48

Updated 02/02/2024 (5 months ago)
NameLast Island APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Last Island

Last Island MOD APK challenges your ability to survive while living on a mysterious island. You will participate in adventurous journeys to stay safe when facing dangers. And they are creatures shaped like alien enemies. So, to protect your life, you need to use everything on the island to visit. You can hunt animals and collect food to have survival food. Meanwhile, you can also start activities to explore the wild world. Embark on survival missions and fend off creatures on an island.

You must complete the task to survive the many challenges on the island. And first, you need to know that the danger you face will be strange creatures. They will appear in the form of alien creatures and threaten your life. Therefore, you must run away from them and start journeys to protect yourself from danger. In the process, you can also explore the world with many surprises. However, combining hunting and food-gathering activities would be best to survive. Get ready for the challenge of survival as you venture onto an island filled with strange creatures.

Last Island mod

Download Last Island MOD APK – Survive challenges on a strange island

You must leave your daily problems behind and join the survival challenge. That’s when you set foot on a mysterious island to begin your journey of discovery. However, appearing in front of you are strange creatures who seem to be chasing you. And you will discover that this is the island where alien creatures live. So, to protect yourself safely, you must escape from their pursuit. But then, you will face survival challenges while traveling on the island. Do everything you can to survive and experience exciting journeys of discovery.

Last Island mod apk

Build your house

Being chased by alien creatures requires you to run away constantly. And you have temporarily escaped the dangers by fleeing their search range. But new threats will appear, and you must build housing to take shelter. On this island, many resources, such as wood and stone, exist to exploit and build houses. So, using your manufacturing ability to control resources and find more items would be best. Then, you can create things and use them for your survival mission. Reside in the house you built and continue to survive on Last Island MOD APK.

Last Island apk

Collect resources

You have begun your journey of discovery on a strange island but must face challenges. So you decide to build a substantial house so you can protect yourself. But you can’t hide there forever and must go out to collect resources. And you must participate in animal hunting activities to get meat to sustain life. In addition, you must exploit ore mines to have help to make combat weapons. It would be best if you used those tools to fight off attacks from alien creatures. Find and exploit valuable resources so you can maintain your survival mission.

Last Island free

Resist challenges

There will be a day when you must face danger to protect your life. That’s when alien monsters find the house you built for shelter. So, you need to collect enough survival resources and combat weapons quickly. An abundance of food will help you maintain a state of defense when attacked. And the guns will be the tools you use to chase and destroy alien creatures. Once you kill them all, you can freely complete exploration missions on the island. Bravely face the challenge of survival and confront mysterious creatures.

Last Island android

You are tasked with surviving the challenges you face on an island. That place contains many mysteries, but you cannot discover them yet. And the ones stopping you in your exploration missions are alien creatures. They constantly attack you, so you must find every way to survive. Initially, you will have to run away, but then you will build a shelter house. That will be where you collect resources and create weapons to fight alien creatures. Download Last Island MOD APK to survive dangerous challenges on a mysterious island.

How to Download & Install Last Island MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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