Shoujo City 3D MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.11

Updated 24/03/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameShoujo City 3D APK
PublisherShoujo City
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Shoujo City 3D MOD APK detail?

You can visit premium locations.

Introduce MOD APK Shoujo City 3D

Going to a dream city and doing whatever you like is the dream of many people, and now we can do it all with Shoujo City 3D. Walking around the beautiful city feels like stepping out of an anime. When you become a citizen here, you can do whatever you like. A genuinely open world is in the process of constantly expanding. Of course, you won’t be there alone. Many friends are waiting for the next citizen to come to this city. Make every place in Shoujo City 3D your second home. Relax and enjoy the most enjoyable everyday moments.

Most of the content of Shoujo City 3D is inspired by anime and otaku culture in Japan. The city in the game is also Tokyo’s highly detailed 3D version. You can move anywhere and interact with all the objects and people there. That leads to many exciting but incredibly mundane activities. An excellent place for people to come together and share stories. Or interact directly with NPC characters. Make friends and date them in various activities and events happening continuously.

Shoujo City 3D mod

Download Shoujo City 3D mod – Virtual city full of surprises

First of all, you need to create a character to represent yourself in this world, right? Choose your gender, height, skin color, hairstyle, accessories… According to your preferences but not necessarily like yourself. After creating the character, we will officially enter Tokyo 3D. This place is a city that is wholly crowded like the city in real life. Players can go anywhere and do anything. There are no specific instructions for you to play Shoujo City 3D. You will create your own story by exploring your surroundings. Meet new characters and do whatever activities you like.

That is not to say that Shoujo City 3D has no plot. But whether there is a plot, players do not need to follow along. Since it’s open-world and infinitely interactive, do whatever you feel comfortable doing. Maybe you need to walk around looking at the city and the NPCs. Go shopping and play many exciting entertainments. It is not necessary to meet the characters in the plot. But if you want a life that involves daily interactions, the story of Shoujo City 3D will thoroughly satisfy you.

Shoujo City 3D mod apk

Unlimited Activities

Anything you can do once you step foot in Tokyo 3D in Shoujo City 3D. From shopping for anything, you like in many different stores. Rent a lovely little house as your accommodation. Occasionally go into the kitchen by yourself and cook new dishes. Go out to exercise and play sports games with many other characters. Interact with unexpected objects like water vending machines, fountains, trains… The complex interaction in Shoujo City 3D is so high that you can feel it’s almost life. Real-life. Become a different person in the virtual world to do what you have longed for.

Shoujo City 3D mod apk free

Cute female character

Characters in Shoujo City 3D will mostly be female. Cute girls with distinctive looks and hair color. You will meet them every day in this 3D Tokyo city. Interacting and chatting with the characters is obvious. Even more remarkable is that you will be dating one of them. When dating, two people will do many activities together. Go shopping, play sports, cook, talk together. You may not know it, but dating is a critical element of Shoujo City 3D. Therefore, the interaction with the characters will be developed very meticulously. You will see the story behind the girls. Encourage and chat with them to increase intimacy score.

Shoujo City 3D mod free

Constantly changing appearance

Since it’s a game that describes everyday life, there’s no reason why you can’t change your character’s clothes. Enter the clothing store and witness the most extensive collection of outfits ever. Try different combinations of styles to find a variety of beautiful and suitable outfits for your character. You will buy them with money and store them in your locker. When there are many exciting events in the game, wear the best clothes you have. Make everyone admire and praise your talent for dressing. Your outfit and the costumes of the surrounding characters can also be changed.

Shoujo City 3D free

Enter the largest virtual city ever, do all the activities you enjoy like real life. Interact with the characters to get closer and closer to them. Discover what makes the game so attractive across many events throughout the year. It would help if you visited Shoujo City 3D mod whenever you have free time to find yourself the most beautiful relaxing moments.

How to Download & Install Shoujo City 3D MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android


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