Dangerous Fellows MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, tickets, hints) 1.28.4

Updated 19/02/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameDangerous Fellows APK
PublisherTilting Point
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money, tickets, hints
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Dangerous Fellows

No matter how much the gaming industry has changed, dating simulators are still something of an absolute marvel. We can see this clearly in Dangerous Fellows. And not only has it not been forgotten, but the genre is also much more outstanding regarding how to weave many worlds and details together. For example, the new game emerging above depicts a world full of survival and death. Now combined with interesting interactions. You will be with the lucky boys to survive in this dangerous world. What unexpected situations can happen?

Set in a viral outbreak that spreads dangerous diseases. Now the world is full of death everywhere. It was almost hopeless to survive alone in this desolation. The main character is a weak but passionate girl who wants to live. Experiencing many difficulties and dangers will meet 5 graduate students of a school. At first glance, they are very handsome guys. However, we will never know what lies ahead.

Dangerous Fellows mod

Download Dangerous Fellows mod – Survive with talented fellows

The game is mostly about how the characters talk and fight with each other through images and text. Still, the sound plays an excellent role. It creates an atmosphere that really fits the scene. The player’s task only has one, which is to press the screen repeatedly to be able to scroll through the character’s dialogues. Search for targets and perform quests. In dangerous cases is to fight to protect oneself. No need to worry about confronting the dangerous undead alone. Young fellows will accompany you.

Along with combat and chat will be a lot of interesting activities you can do in the game. Sometimes it is possible to stimulate the creativity of the players with this method. Change the shape to make your characters more beautiful. Change the context and whatever you can comfortably do as long as the experience and plot of the game will remain the same. It’s not a big deal to get to know all of the Dangerous Fellows characters.

Dangerous Fellows mod apk

Meet 5 different people

The 5 main characters accompanying you are 5 graduate students in the same school. They didn’t seem to know each other, but there was still a strange connection. Each has a unique personality and actions. Sometimes their decisions will have a certain impact on the plot. Above all, the most powerful person is still the main character – the player. Find out what happened. Does it have anything to do with the characters we’ve already met? Is there an event that will make those characters change or not? Each step towards the answer makes the game more and more interesting.

Dangerous Fellows mod apk free

Unexpected and unpredictable circumstances

Once it was a story, no one knew what could have happened. Have you ever wondered if this character will betray you? Or, more specifically, they are the key to solving an urgent problem of humanity. An interactive novel will have a lot of details and endings for you to figure out. With a non-linear mechanism for you to freely choose, each player will surely discover a very different ending. Of course, you can explore all the endings of this game on your own. Repeated play will increase the level of experience and knowledge for Dangerous Fellows.

Dangerous Fellows mod free

Lots of fun activities on the sidelines

To increase the experience level and the interesting appearance of the game, the game will give you a lot of good features for you to discover for yourself. For example, change the costumes for the characters that accompany you. Then the image will be changed much more beautifully. Don’t forget to choose your favorite sound. Even the main character’s appearance will be shown more clearly and diversely. There are many beautiful photos in the game for you to collect. Reinforces everything about Dangerous Fellows’ exciting gameplay. Not only fighting the pandemic, but we also need beauty here.

Dangerous Fellows mod mod

Those are just most of the highlights of this dating survival game that I can talk about in the article. If you experience it directly, you will find it much more surprising and interesting. So what can stop you from downloading the game and playing it? Accompanying handsome characters. Survive in the dead world to find out the truth behind it. It is rare to experience a work like Dangerous Fellows mod again.

How to Download & Install Dangerous Fellows MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, tickets, hints) for Android


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v1.22.1 with menu, pls

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With parallel space doesn’t works, can you made w/ mod menu?