Goblins Wood MOD APK 1.2.0 (Gold Mining/Goblin Destroy)

Updated on 10/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameGoblins Wood APK
PublisherMobile publicum
MOD FeaturesGold Mining/Goblin Destroy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Mine instant gold
2. Goblin Destroy instant

Goblins Wood is a new addictive clicker title – enjoy many challenging levels. You will be introduced to a small forest and then expand your forest. Build a jungle empire that generates real profits, constantly earning items. Explore new territories to plant more of your forests. Hire more elves to work, and increase gold and diamond income. Build a large forest for yourself, and continuously improve the forest. Find ways to maximize profits as a wood plantation owner in the green elf character. Always searching, unlocking goblin cards to have new skills, and efficiently exploiting unique resources. You can choose leprechaun characters to become a tycoon in the jungle with the wooden kingdom.

If you want to find a gentle game to relax after hours of work and study, try this Goblins Wood experience. A light simulation game and farm. To extract as much wood as possible, the player will use all the resources in his mind. You will become wealthy and financially able to own a substantial amount of property covered with trees. The forest is yours; You can explore, collect wood, find love in work, go on adventures and dig for gold to become a green wood elf tycoon.

Goblins Wood mod

Download Goblins Wood mod – Build your wooden empire.

Goblins Wood is a simple game. All you need to do is tap the screen and collect. It would be best if you mined faster to become Tycoon Idle and win the game. Enjoy the levels and challenges of the game. Your elves will grow through the levels and unleash their power. You will have your forest to take care of and exploit. Earn rewards and upgrade the jungle for more rewards. The game is light entertainment, very suitable for relaxation. With infinite adventures in the game, you will feel enjoyable. Goblins Wood will have no limits for you to play and lose the fun the game aims to have!

Goblins Wood mod apk

Organize work elves’ team

You will earn game cards and upgrade your elves. Always have to find cards and unlock expensive abilities and resources. With the game screen, you will collect and have more lucky spins. Build your character and get your team. Go on an adventure with your party and build a huge wood block for yourself. The game becomes more and more difficult as you progress, but you can level up your goblin to keep up with the massive amount of work he gives you. This is what makes the player fast-forward in the game.

Goblins Wood mod apk free

Expansion of mining scale

The game will become more difficult when you upgrade the scale of forest exploitation. You will become wealthy and financially capable, quickly finding goblins. Do everything in the game to own a significant amount of assets covered with trees. The problematic tasks that the Goblins Wood game gives you to perform are countless! To be able to extract the most wood from his forests. We will use all the game’s wooden materials to guide our thinking and calculation. Explore new territories, and plant your forests for profit. Spend money to invest, and hire more goblins to earn more income to increase your property. Endless adventures are waiting for you to explore. Every place you go through is a new land, a new place for you to experience.

Goblins Wood mod android

Try your luck with the wheel.

From the wooden forest that you exploit, you will receive different items. You will receive spins depending on your luck and the amount of wood you earn. Get spins or use earnings to participate in lucky spins. Get more gold coins, diamonds, or time to get more experience. The elves can ultimately appear in the rotation, receiving gifts depending on your dignity. The spin will have a certain number of uses; take advantage of it every time to get random rewards. Optimize the gifts received by using them to invest in a wooden garden or find elves.

Goblins Wood mod android free

Simple Tycon games like Goblins Wood mod are easy for players to access, with simple gameplay, simulation game style, and slightly farm-oriented. Age appropriate for players everywhere to join and experience the game. A light and relaxing game that you can download to play after school hours or to tire over time. Download Goblins Wood mod to upgrade elves, build your wood, explore new lands, and collect items.

Download Goblins Wood MOD APK (Gold Mining/Goblin Destroy) for Android

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