Shelter Zero: IDLE Angel Saga MOD APK (Onehit) 1.1.10

Updated 14/08/2021 (3 years ago)
NameShelter Zero: IDLE Angel Saga APK
PublisherCWave Inc.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesOnehit
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Shelter Zero: IDLE Angel Saga

The action game genre has mostly always attracted players. Players are free to find new and interesting things that everyday life does not have when playing them. Understanding that part, a game has created a fantasy world of future wars, where artificial machines or giant deformed bosses attack the world. That is the game Shelter Zero, giving players a beautiful new place but always lurking danger.

Not a 2D game like many other fighting games. Shelter Zero attracts players with 3D graphics. Feel the game most realistically and realistically. Fight on battlefields filled with robots that invade and destroy everything. They want to destroy this world, and you don’t have to hesitate. Pick up your weapon and fight. In the end, you will get the victory you deserve.

Shelter Zero mod

Download Shelter Zero mod – Fight with powerful angels

Like many fighting games, the player is role-playing the character to fight the monsters. Click on the character’s skills, accumulate ingredients to create the perfect combo. The gameplay is straightforward, and players do not need to use too many operations. The effect that Shelter Zero brings is stunning. It makes you feel like you are watching an anime in which you are the main character. Full of power and good, right command. All will be in the game Shelter Zero.

The Shelter Zero game focuses on and has impressed the players in the design of combat characters with vivid colors. Focus on the eyes of every player. The game will take you to a world full of life but inevitably battles. You are here to show your talent, ready to fight. Save the city from the invasion of monsters that are always lurking, threatening the people’s lives.

Shelter Zero mod free

List of angels

Anime-style girls will accompany you in battles with robot monsters. Each girl will be considered as an angel, possessing different fighting powers. The female character is also diverse in weapons and fighting styles, showing her own style. Bringing in each person are special skill sets that are colorful and beautiful. So why are these beautiful angels here? The backstory of each individual will be included in their skill description.

Shelter Zero mod mod

Interesting Activities

In addition to the suffocating battles on the battlefield, Shelter Zero also organizes events to create more novelty for the game. There is a small on-screen battle by a chibi anime angel that will take place. Defeating monsters will collect some drop items. They will be useful to you. Completing missions and going through stages will also give players small rewards. Don’t forget to receive rewards every day when you log in to the game, and their use is perfect for you. Actively participating in Shelter Zero will receive much larger and more useful items.

Shelter Zero mod apk

Increase level of strength

Upgrading the angel girls is indispensable in this fighting game. Collect the necessary items, increase the player’s own experience through big battles. And also for your elite members. Increased power makes the battle easier and takes less time. Combine them to create the ultimate team fight. Make up the best members, command them to win the battle.

Change your sparkling look

In addition to fighting, each girl will also have different costumes to have more new experiences. There are nearly 200 female angels with unique skills, so the variety of accessories is huge. A large number of characters makes Shelter Zero not turn into a boring fighting game. There’s nothing more exciting than fighting with a new suit. It will give you a more enjoyable experience for the players themselves. So don’t forget to search to collect the clothes that Shelter Zero has just for you.

Shelter Zero mod apk free

Finally, the Shelter Zero mod game will give players wonderful battles. The female angels are the strong point here. Just explore and join us. Then disappointment will not be raised in this exciting world. It’s simply a fiery battle screen, but what the game brings will make you feel like this is something you’re worth experiencing. Join the girls now!

How to Download & Install Shelter Zero: IDLE Angel Saga MOD APK (Onehit) for Android


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