LUNA M: Sword Master MOD APK (Menu/Fast attack...) 1.0.4810

Updated 30/08/2022 (2 years ago)
NameLUNA M: Sword Master APK
PublisherElectronics Extreme Limited
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Fast attack...
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
LUNA M: Sword Master MOD APK detail?
  • Speed Attack.
  • Attack Speed x2.
  • Speed of movement.
  • The enemy does not chase you.
  • There is no waiting time when chatting.

Introduce MOD APK LUNA M: Sword Master

This world always works to help everything become balanced according to the law. If there was light, there must have been darkness. For the world of LUNA M: Sword Master, to escape its fate, one needs heroes. Transform into sworders with outstanding talent on the road to complete the mission. Disrupt the conspiracy of those evil powerful entities. Do not allow them to roam and disturb the peace.

Suppose you are wondering to find a role-playing game that is right for you on the market. I have an exciting proposal that is to play LUNA M: Sword Master. A 3D role-playing game with extremely great graphics that is hard to fault. All the characters are charming and close. Extremely vivid battle sounds of warriors on the battlefield. The surrounding environment is reproduced most realistically. Satisfying all types of players for how difficult it is to use. Another interesting thing is that the skill effect is done extremely well. Is that enough for you to see the overview of LUNA M: Sword Master?

LUNA M Sword Master mod free

Download LUNA M: Sword Master mod – Bring hope back to the land of war

Like every other role-playing game, we start by choosing a character. There are many looks from men to women to choose from. If you have completed the selection step, then start this journey right away. Stay cool by following the beginner’s instructions. Kill small monsters with no potential for harm. Gain a lot of experience and level up. Then will gradually go up to more advanced operations, encountering stronger monsters. Unleash your moves to wipe out the crowds that stand in your way. Maintain the tempo of the game so that you can ensure the growth of strength.

Beware of powerful monsters appearing on the road. They can have power beyond what you can do. If you anger the successful people, the price you have to pay will be extremely high. Do not be foolish to do things that are against nature. Make sure you are strong enough to take on the challenge.

LUNA M Sword Master mod android

Equipment and pets

The road ahead is extremely long, with great challenges for you. A simple way to overcome it easily is to equip yourself. Armor suits with defensive abilities and large amounts of health. Helps you withstand the attacks of monsters and greatly reduces damage. Next will be a powerful weapon to help you cut down those monsters. Increase your attack damage and skills. These weapons can all be earned by completing missions. Pets will also be an effective support tool for you. They are all cute animals that can give you cool abilities. At the same time, increase your fighting power.

LUNA M Sword Master mod apk free

Passing the Dungeons

The dungeon will be a place to test the courage of a true warrior. If you survive the scary things in it, you will win great rewards. Reputation is indeed immortal. You should participate in it. It is a good opportunity to be able to earn valuable items hidden in it. Earn more income to upgrade equipment for more power. Many monsters are distributed at the AI ​​gates here. Each type of monster causes you a certain discomfort. You can invite your friends to play to complete the challenge even faster. Share the valuable spoils from this extremely bargain job.

LUNA M Sword Master mod apk

Create a guild

If you feel you are strong enough, then form a guild. Recruit members with strong combat abilities everywhere. Lead them in massive clan wars. Gain valuable wealth for the clan and enhance the power of its members. Of course, if you don’t like it, you can also join someone else’s clan. This is the place to exchange and exchange playing experiences together to reach new heights. It will be shortcomings if you don’t have a guild yourself. Your journey will be a little less arduous.

LUNA M Sword Master mod download

Let’s adventure to new lands learn more interesting things. You can use the means of transportation to support the movement. There is no need to walk for fatigue and fatigue. Explore places you’ve never seen before. See what is special among these places and what makes them so beautiful. Remember to bring your pet to make the journey safer. What are you waiting for without downloading LUNA M: Sword Master mod and start playing.

How to Download & Install LUNA M: Sword Master MOD APK (Menu/Fast attack...) for Android


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