Konosuba: Fantastic Days Japan MOD APK 3.7.0 (Menu, Damage/Defense)

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NameKonosuba: Fantastic Days Japan APK
PublisherSumzap, Inc.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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MOD Infomation

Mod menu

  1. High damage
  2. High defense
  3. Unlimited skills

One more choice for the anime fans of cherry blossom country! Fiction works through Japanese manga always have a great attraction to viewers. KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Japan continues the uniqueness of the fantasy theme and successfully integrates it into the game. The game setting is a standard character summoned after death. This person is transported to the world of the past. This place is the territory of the demon lord and monster. The war of good and evil began to break out. KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Japan’s character officially entered the battle for righteousness. Are you ready to accompany the main character yet?

The message of protecting goodness is set in a unique fantasy world. You will experience an endless journey and equally exciting. Challenges unfold one by one. You will need to fight and pass the assigned missions. Monsters are waiting there and challenging your skills a lot. KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Japan team play form will further reinforce the player’s teamwork and collective control abilities. Experience the battle with monsters in the fantasy world right away. Not like the battles of bloody superheroes. This is a challenging part of your bizarre adventure.

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Download KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Japan mod – Challenging just war

You will battle two other characters in the game. Those are the names that used to make comic fans fidgety. The game has been designed according to the storyline, and the rest lies in the war you master. Knowing how to use magic and having strategy before fighting monsters will give you survival. The fantasy world is both unique and extremely strange and fascinating. As its name suggests, KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Japan is one of the most engaging role-playing games. If you do not need to be too immersed in lengthy battles, this will be your suggestion. It will be just like an expedition with lots of surprises ahead. Your patience and bravery will be forged a lot.

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Raising team tactics

You will be the leading player in your squad. Your character is Kazuma – who was murdered and summoned back to the fantasy world. Because not fighting alone, you must have more careful consideration. It would help if you protected your teammates by calculating them carefully. Aqua, Megumin, or Darkness are your supporters. Each character will possess a different strength. They will use their powers in battles with monsters. You will use attacks and spells to fight enemies. You also have a personal combat mode as needed to reinforce your abilities. Be flexible in combat modes.

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Flexible improvisation according to each challenge

During the battle, you will be able to choose your teammates. You can choose another team depending on the situation or the missions that arise. Each team member will have unique strengths. It is essential to recognize and apply the right forces of each person. If you use the correct power, you will win more. The valuable reward is collecting quartz. This is the material for you to have the opportunity to recruit the next support character. The more teammates the player has, the easier it will be to overcome the challenge. In addition, the bonus gifts are also diverse clothing and other attractive weapons. They will be an extremely effective support tool for each of your battles.

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Live voice acting is extremely lively

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Japan, in addition to ensuring the original storyline, is also very careful regarding sound and effects. You will hear live dialogue extremely vivid. The voice artist’s full tone voice acts as a catalyst for players to love the game. Users won’t just feel like they’re watching a movie. Instead, the vibrancy of the sound immerses the player in Japan’s fantasy world. The bright and bold overall color of the land of the rising sun is the highlight of KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Japan. The character you control also wears a very eye-catching and attractive shirt. You can freely choose the character in the game with the clothing interface that could not be prettier.

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What is better than being combined with other characters in the fight for righteousness. You and your teammates will be devoted warriors in the war. The fantasy world with evil monsters will soon be destroyed and peaceful again. You are a brave warrior. Great rookies are waiting. Download KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Japan mod to become a righteous character with his teammates to fight bravely.

Download Konosuba: Fantastic Days Japan MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense) for Android

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